Walnut Engineered flooring
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Walnut Engineered flooring


Product Code: SGWE 120x900

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Weight: 12.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 900mm x 120mm x 15mm

Walnut Engineered flooring
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Walnut Engineered flooring

The attractiveness of walnut wood floors The walnut is a highly sought after species for its luxurious appearance. The premium type has a glamorous and polished look, because of its more uniform appearance, with small crowns and a limited amount of sapwood. On the other hand, the natural layer is very charming and distinctive with larger knots, allowing all the visible features of the species. 

Walnut floors are appreciated for their dark tones and striking veins. This unique dark hardwood is also one of the most sustainable used globally. Walnut is one of the most sought after species for flooring worldwide and the most valuable species in North America used in furniture and flooring today.

The distinct appearance elevates laminate flooring to a more luxurious standard. The physical characteristics of the wood paneling vary from a deep dark brown to a rich chocolate color. The creamy white toned sapwood complements this perfectly. Combining these colors creates truly unique patterns and looks. 


Technical parameters
Diện tích 1 tấm
Or Area 1 plate
Warranty 5 Year
Wood color Natural wood color
sizes L 900mm x W 120mm x H 15mm
canned 10 sheets
Square Meter Per Carton 1.08 m2
Location of use
interior Floor of the living room, bedroom, office, children's room, hotel, shoping center, restaurants, showrom, fashion shops ...

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Warranty: 1 year

Warranty for all defects due to technical - technology - production materials in the following cases:

- Self warping, shrinkage.
- Note use cases:

+ Do not let sharp objects drag on the floor
+ Always keep it clean, Wipe the floor dry