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Euro laminate flooring

Euro laminate flooring

European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF ®) (Website Production Association is the biggest and most prestigious union of laminate flooring producers. EPLF is the leading manufacturer of wood design, modern colors and coreboard Eo (no formaldehyde emission) 

EPLF has  21 factories spread over 10 countries across Europe. There are  up to 8/21 manufacturers in Germany, so Europe flooring called Germany flooring. Germany technology flooring is 100% made in China and is not related to EPLF.

Currently, there are 4 brands of Swiss Krono: Kronoswiss, Kronotex, Kronopol, Krono-flooring and HARO flooring. PERGO flooring not produced in Europe, PERGO laminate floor manufacturer in Belgium.

There is also the brand new laminate flooring imported from Europe in 2015: Classen laminate flooring, LOC-FLOOR Laminate flooring, Quickstep laminate flooring,Alsafloor laminate flooring , Balterio laminate flooring, Kaindl laminate flooring, Sensa laminate flooring. Wineo laminate flooring, Konner laminate flooring.


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Euro laminate flooring