Policy Return of products

In order to ensure the benefits of customers, improve the quality of after-sales service, 3K HOME WAREHOUSE - khosango.com will support you change the new product of the same type if the product can not be fixed immediately (due to technical error of the manufacturer). Details are as follows:

I. Scope of application:

1. Subjects of application: Customers have bought products in the showroom chain 3K HOME WAREHOUSE - khosango.com.

2. Period of application: From 01/01/2015 until new notice.

II. Conditions apply:

1. Time of return: The product is redeemed within 7 days of delivery (applicable to all products).

2. The product must have 3K HOME WAREHOUSE seals stamped by Khosango.com or by the manufacturer.

3. The product is defective technically by the technicians of 3K HOME WAREHOUSE - Khosango.com or by the manufacturer.

4. The product must be left intact shell, foam and full of accessories, promotion gifts (if any) ...

5. Products get back form error (warping, shrinkage, section, crack, change color)

6. The product must be accompanied by the following documents (purchase vouchers, VAT invoices, warranty cards, manuals, catalogs ...)

III. In case of not accepting the exchange / payment:

1. Customers want to change type, design without advance notice.

2. Product failures caused by incorrect operation of the customer.

3. Customers do not comply with the requirements for warranty and barter (for example do not send warranty card to the right place within the specified time).

4. Self-employed customers affect the appearance of the product such as tear, packaging, scratches, scratches, rupture ...

5. Customers have requested to return the goods due to scratches, scratches, distortion, stains, gold ... after being checked and handed over.

IV. Procedures for changing the return / exchange procedures:

1. Customer contact directly 3K HOME WARSAW CENTER - Khosango.com switchboard: 1800 6121

2. After obtaining the certificate of status with the contents of damaged goods due to technical error can not be repaired immediately, the exchange will be done in accordance with the provisions of 3K HOME WAREHOUSE - Khosango.com and home manufacturer or manufacturer's authorized warranty center.

3. Procedures to change / return the goods are practiced within 07 (seven) days from 3K HOME WAREHOUSE - Khosango.com received enough information and documents as required by the customer.

4. Please contact Customer Care for instructions on return procedures.
Hotline: 0913 8888 01

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