HDF Malaysia Laminate Flooring

HDF Malaysia Laminate Flooring


If you want a laminate flooring which is better and cheaper than Malaysia laminate flooring and warranted 15 years by supplier in Viet Nam, would you please take a look to DREAM FLOOR.

DREAM FLOOR is a new generation green core HDF Malaysia laminate flooring.

DREAM FLOOR is produced and packaged in Viet Nam. Water resistant HDF green core is imported. Decorative layer copyright GERMANY DESIGN - 100% wood vein meets standard AC4. It is suitable for whole area of Viet Nam climate. It is no emission harmful to human health.

Checking quality of DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring by soaking of the plank into water for at least 24 hours. After that we take a look at the expansion and absorption of the plank. DREAM FLOOR  is less deformed because of its high resistance to water.

* Features of DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring:  Green core HDF Malaysia 

+ The edge of the plank is covered by inkjet candle wax technology to avoiding of wax to reflux after time of use: following this process, the four edges of the plank is covered by natural oils extracted from plants as a waterproof barrier before covering paraffin wax to reduce friction between boards when installing. This wax technology helps reducing noises of flooring and installing easily. Therefore, DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring is more durable than the old technology wax-coated of other laminate floorings.

+ 4D – Click lock system: 100% glue free on the edge of the planks so the grooves of the planks  fit together perfectly. 4D click system is convenient for removing and installing.

 >>> Warranty commitment for DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring is 15 years.

dream floor hdf green core malaysia

1. Wear layer: Providing an incredibly hard and durable finish to the laminate surface is a clear coating of resin that encapsulates the decorative layer beneath. Some laminate come in a range of sheens from high-gloss to stain and matt.

2. Decorative layer: This element gives the floor its ‘real timber’ appearance. The premium laminates offer a high degree of definition and color fidelity and may even be embossed with a genuine grain texture.

3. HDF Green core from: made from HDF green core, that it is imported from Malaysia. The core provides stability and impact resistance. It is usually supported by a melamine backing beneath, to give it increased stability and moisture protection.

4. DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring is environmentally friendly: HDF Green core meets low formaldehyde standard and it is imported directly from parent company in Malaysia. It is manufactured under national standard such as BS standards, European EN standards, German DIN standards, Japanese JIS standards and JANS standards.

5. DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring has a lot of cool colors, being water-resistance, reducing friction, reducing noise. On the other hand, price of DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring is reasonable.  DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring is warranted 15 years by manufacturer.

DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring is suitable for all indoor area including kitchen or commercial center.

DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring with unique colors is suitable for apartment, fashion shop, town house, living room, bed room, baby room, office, showroom, hotels, restaurants, bar, karaoke, villas, residential area, resorts, ect

+ Customers prefer DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring because of its stable quality and durability. Using DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring is using Malaysia HDF Green Core which is water-resistant with the lowest cost.

+ You want a cheap – durable – beautiful laminate flooring, only DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring can meet your demandDREAM FLOOR – Reality of Dreams.


– Inspecting and measuring the floor, estimating and quoting the cost of work.
– Consulting to see sample at home 24/7 (from 07h – 21h,  Monday to Sunday)

– Providing sample to check product quality (with CO & CQ)

Call center: 1800 6121 Holine: 0913 8888 01 / 02 (Zalo/viber)

+ Chain of KHOSANGO.COM distribute DREAM FLOOR laminate flooring exclusively with 15 years of warranty from Viet Nam factory.

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HDF Malaysia Laminate Flooring
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