KAINDL Laminate Flooring

KAINDL Laminate Flooring

Kaindl is a high-class European laminate flooring brand manufactured by Kaindl Flooring Group GmBh - Republic of Austria. Over 100 years of establishment and development, Kaindl has now become a global brand, favored by its exquisite elegance and clean core in accordance with strict E1 standards. Kaindl laminate flooring achieved certificates from the world's leading prestigious organizations such as: EPLF Certification, ECO Certification, Blue Angle Certification, PEFC Certification ...

- Products with European quality, modern colors. Raw materials for the production of Kaindl wood flooring are of clear origin and are strictly quality tested, mainly planted forest timber with a closed process from selecting tree varieties and selecting wood into the production process. The production system has ensured that the quality of Kaindl laminate flooring products is consistently homogeneous in quality, accuracy of each wood panel is standard.
- Kaindl laminate flooring meets the aesthetic needs of high-end customers, with space and modern interior trends. Kaindl industrial floor installed for places with a lot of traffic such as halls, meeting rooms, training floors. Especially suitable floor furniture of high-end private houses.
- KAINDL laminate flooring ensures friendly with the surrounding environment and is resistant to static electricity, natural bacteria. Surface has scratch resistance level AC4 according to European standards, IC2 index of impact resistance, emission level E1.
- When choosing KAINDL laminate flooring made in Europe, you believe that it is a right choice because it is a standard European laminate flooring product line manufactured by Kaindl Flooring GmBh - Republic of Austria. Skilled production workers, experienced designers and the best material.

* 8 Reasons to choose KAINDL laminate Flooring 100% produced in AUSTRIA for your home, Website:

✔ Locking system with Twin Clic / 1clic 2go pure glue-free mounting     ✔ Warranty from 20 to 30 years, Genuine KAINDL
✔ Glossy lumpy surface abrasives from AC4 to AC5    ✔ 100% laminate laminate flooring made in Germany (C.O & C.Q)
✔ HDF - E1, density 860kg / m3    ✔ Green certified product for health
✔ Many European tones, modern and classic style    ✔ Green factory protects the environment


- Survey, floor measurement, cost estimates - quotes.
- Consult samples at home 24/7 (from 07h - 21h, Monday to Sunday)
- Provide samples to check product quality, only from C.O & C.Q

Call Center: 1800 6121 Holine: 0913 8888 01/2 (Zalo / viber)

* KAINDL laminate Flooring at Warehouse, committed to 100% originating certificate with C.O & C.Q certificate and takes highest legal responsibility.

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KAINDL Laminate Flooring