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Malaysia Laminate Flooring

Malaysia Laminate Flooring

Character strengths Malaysia flooring is laminate flooring flooring under water or water-resistant HDF core produced by Malaysian super water-resistant global fame.

Malaysia laminated flooring is imported from Malaysia. There are three brand manufactured by two factories in Malaysia:

Robina flooring are manufactured by ROBIN Group - Malaysia. Dimension : exactly length 1283mm. Manufacturer's information : Website: 

INOVAR flooring is produced by Stalheim - Malaysia. Dimension : exactly length : 1200mm và 1285mm. Manufacturer's information: Website:

The first thought when talking about Malaysia flooring is it to be water resistant flooring. Water resistance and the length of the board are differences to distinguish with the other flooring with the name is Malaysia but not produced in Malaysia.

Malaysia flooring is suitable for Vietnam market because its durability, colors, price are appropriate to Vietnamese's habit and environment. Malaysia flooring is good for human health !

1. Anti - bacterial and mold :  Malaysia flooring with anti-mold surface for which has inorganic composition can prevent the developing of fungi such as Aurous, Escherichis, Coli and other fungi for which especially grow in wet areas as kitchen, doors and toilet.

2. Abrasion resistance (AC) : there are two AC level : AC3 and AC4:

- AC3 : use for private room and family

- AC4 : use for public areas, and in the gym
3. Low Formadihyde emission : Malaysia flooring meet the E1 Europe standard: friendly environmental flooring. Green certificate certified by Singapore.
4. Glue free in installation progress : easily removed and installed with R-Click edge system.

5. Resistant to heat of cigarette ash : Malaysia flooring can bear the heat of candle, lighter, match and cigarette ash when they drop on the floor.

6. Resistant to UV ray : Malaysia flooring is covered by a protected membrane to against the sun light. 
7. Malaysia flooring can bear the walking of pet because Malaysia flooring has high abrasion class. Note: abrasion resistance of emboss grain is better than abrasion resistance of smooth grain

8. Green laminated flooring : Malaysia flooring certified as a green material in Singapore, United State and Europe. Malaysia flooring can be recycled 100%


Customers Malaysia flooring choices based on laminate flooring main advantages is water-resistant, moisture resistant, safe in the water due to the incident.

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Malaysia Laminate Flooring

SMARTWOOD Flooring 8002
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SmartWood is laminate flooring brand reputation of Malaysian wooden floors, which are produced on modern technological lines of Europe. Parquet SmartWood its proper name is the smart wooden flooring inherits the advantages of wood flooring former elder and adds some new technology modern and user-friendly as well as environmentally friendly. In addition to the features of a high-grade laminate flooring such as water resistant, scratch-resistant, coated wood grain surface natural termiticide, bearing level AC4, installation without using glue it to the public hèm technology currently t..
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HDF Malaysia Flooring O288
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HDF Malaysia Flooring O288 laminate flooring, using HDF green core directly imported from Malaysia, Super water-resistant laminate flooring products made in Vietnam O288 Color-coded oak neoclassical style, matching design with strong and stylish personality...
370.000 ₫ / M2
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INOVAR laminate flooring has a thickness of 8mm product lines of the Original, InVogue, Elite collections, with submerged wood grain design, AC4 abrasion level, WaxGuard + waxing technology, excellent moisture resistance, sound reinforcement, wood reinforcement HDF super water resistant. Original Collection brings natural beauty, long lasting durability, more impressive, flat floor texture InVogue Collection brings freshness to the modern living space to a simple, flat floor texture The Elite collection is designed in European-style tones, with a 4-dimensional V-border wedge texture Flat..
370.000 ₫ / M2