3K Vina Laminate Flooring 12mm

3K Vina Laminate Flooring 12mm

Laminate Flooring 3K VINA 12mm is a typical laminate flooring representing the genuine Vietnamese wood flooring line Genuine warranty : 15 Years

3K VINA 12mm Laminate Flooring 100% genuine production in Vietnam, on German technology line, The product is completely suitable for wet climate conditions and usage habits in Vietnam, the wood grain is designed. Specializing in modern Vietnamese furniture, HDF core is made from acacia forests and is environmentally friendly. The product meets the needs of customers for wood flooring at a low cost, giving you more choices of materials for effective flooring.

Laminate flooring 3K VINA 12mm is a wooden floor Vietnam manufactured according to European technology, the wood flooring product line 3K VINA 12mm is in the segment of low-cost goods with quality Vietnamese goods inspection.

Wooden flooring brand 3K VINA 12mm commitment meet the demand Vietnamese wooden floor market with affordable price, high quality and genuine warranty for 15 years.

The natural wood design of the floor easily creates a comfortable atmosphere. Moreover, the special surface protection technology of 3K VINA laminate flooring makes it super durable and resistant to scratches, stains and spills. Installing 3K VINA wooden floors is also very easy! You will be amazed at how fast and how fast the flooring works. The great thing is that you can move the entire floor from room to room quickly, whenever you want to change.

If you are looking for something modern but cozy, 3K VINA wooden flooring is a suggestion for you to choose. With a variety of colors and textures, the surface design of 3K VINA laminate flooring has been carefully selected together with renowned designers from Europe and created with a passion that reflects the unique personality. unique.

Characteristics and composition of 3K VINA laminate flooring:

​The K-Click lock system in  3K VINA laminate flooring 12mm has been developed inheriting the world's key lock technology. Years of research and combined with extensive knowledge of specific Vietnamese usage conditions have made K-Click the ultimate laminate flooring locking system.

3K VINA  laminate flooring 12mm has maximum coating - a unique anti-scratch protection technology against wear and tear. This specially designed surface coating makes the floor more supple and resistant to surface scratches.

Designed with sponge Sonic - advanced technology that allows the sound-absorbing lining to reduce sound transmission and produce only a solid and pleasant sound underfoot.

The 820kg/m3 HDF core makes the 3K VINA Laminate Flooring 12mm stronger and more durable than any other flooring. Moreover, Green material HDF core from Vietnamese plantations makes production materials with quality and prestige, ensuring strict quality parameters.

The surface protection technology of 3K VINA laminate flooring12mm ensures that dust does not stick to your floor while the K-Click's unique  connection system connects the boards perfectly, allowing no room for accumulation. dust and water overflow.

3K VINA laminate flooring 12mm Natural wood grain design along with natural wood colors helps decorate the floor easily to create a comfortable & impressive living space.
Furthermore, the anti-scratch, flame retardant surface protection technology makes it super sturdy, durable and resistant to scratches, stains and spills. With K-Click (exclusive) locking technology, it creates a solid connection between the wooden planks with beautiful, precise and durable joints, bringing high aesthetics. In addition, the lock is also covered with a thin layer of candle wax, which has a moisture-proof effect, waterproofing the edge and easy installation for the product.

The installation of 3K VINA  laminate flooring 12mm is also very easy, similar to other laminate flooring types! You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is. The great thing is that you can move the entire floor of one room to another in the blink of an eye, whenever you want to change, the 3K VINA  laminate flooring 12mm is always ready in a glance.

Sweep the floor using a mop, damp cloth or use a mop to remove dirt and grime.

Wide application in construction:

3K VINA laminate flooring12mm with AC4 scratch resistance, highly abrasion resistant with thicker surface protection. It is the ideal choice for commercial spaces such as offices, retail stores and hotels.

Furthermore, 3K VINA  laminate flooring 12mm can be laid on almost any surface (whether concrete, stone, vinyl or ceramic) as long as it is clean and dry.


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3K Vina Laminate Flooring 12mm