Luxury Spc Flooring

Luxury Spc Flooring

Usually, customers choose wooden floors for new houses, and Vinyl floors for old houses because SPC Vinyl floors have many conveniences in installation. However, with vinyl flooring - SPC is chosen by many new homeowners to give up the luxury and function: termite resistant, water resistant and does not conduct heat.

High-class vinyl flooring inherits the advantages of high-class wood floors and is developed to a new level. Usually, plastic flooring has designs according to designs such as: imitation wood grain, imitation marble or carpet pattern. This type of floor usually includes the following structural layers:

UV coated surface: Hardens and increases surface tension, helps protect the product from dirt, ensures product durability.

- Protective surface layer: Has anti-wear, anti-slip, anti-mildew effect, protects the printed layer, so the product does not lose its wood grain, helping the product to last for more than 25 years.

- Grain layer: Creates delicate, diverse wood grains with all kinds of veins of precious wood grain types. Wood grain color is diverse, no less delicate as real wood grain.

- Base layer: Made up of more than 90% PVC, so the main product features are mainly formed by the main layer: Anti-warping when temperature changes, good elasticity, anti-fire spread, resistance good force.

- Base layer: It has the effect of preventing water evaporation from the ground, so it is resistant to water in the humid tropical weather in Vietnam. Features a strong bond with a special adhesive to the floor.


- Not affected by water and floor cleaners.
- Anti-fire spread, does not conduct heat, keeps the floor sound in the winter
- No warping, shrinkage when temperature changes.
- Antibacterial, anti-mildew, no algae
- Anti-slip, soundproof, no heel sound
- Smooth, soft, highly aesthetic, delicate texture design
- Easy to install, replace, fast construction, no dust affecting the surrounding environment.

- Is an environmentally friendly material, not harmful to the health of the user.


High-grade vinyl flooring is a material commonly used in developed countries Germany, England, Japan, Korea....though it has just been introduced to Vietnam a few years ago, vinyl flooring has become a familiar material. It belongs and has a place for users, even in the construction world. However, in modern interior design, finding the optimal materials to save time, and the cost to meet the modern luxury requirements is very important. a constant necessity. With the outstanding advantages of high-class vinyl flooring, it is gradually asserting its pioneering position in modern interiors compared to traditional materials.

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