Stowed wooden trusses 3K

Stowed wooden trusses 3K

Wood trusses are neatly arranged as a new product line currently on sale at the Wood Floor Warehouse System.

Stowed wooden trusses are used from raw material of acacia wood, popular natural wood. With a compact structure of natural wood sticks, Bong Vang Melaleuca is layered in a diamond shape, when sprung out of fancy caro shape, fixed by screws, can be stretched and shrunk, with style and size convenient in stacking, easy to disassemble, moving position comfortably, when sprouting products with caro shape to create a unique beauty for the green frame of the family, you can decorate more climbing plants, flowers down to create natural features, green space, very convenient for small decoration spaces such as balconies, railings, terraces.

Wooden trusses are painted with excellent water-resistant PU, decorated everywhere, creating accents for your zero. Comfortably create tree or flower trusses according to your own ideas. Wooden decoration materials are compact, light and convenient.

Product colors: red, yellow, brown, white. Very suitable for landscape decoration, contributing to bringing green space to every family.

Product size: 0.8m x 1.8m


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Stowed wooden trusses 3K