Pvc Inside Corner Trim

PVC splint is a product widely used in interior decoration and construction. With its flexible, durable and easy to install properties, PVC trim has become a great solution for decorating and protecting wall corners.

PVC splints are made from high-quality PVC, capable of bearing strength and resisting impacts from the external environment. With high durability, PVC splints can be used for a long time without deformation or fading.

This product has many different applications in interior decoration, from decorating wall corners, door borders, to other decorative details. PVC splints come in a variety of colors and designs, making it easy for you to choose a product that matches your home's design style.

Installing PVC decorative corner trim is very simple and quick, without requiring high technology. Just use glue or screws to attach the product to the wall to complete the installation process.

In addition to decoration, PVC braces also help protect wall corners from scratches, impacts or mold. With waterproofing properties, PVC splints help prevent the growth of bacteria and mold, keeping your living space clean and safe.

In short, PVC splint is a versatile and convenient product in interior decoration and construction. With outstanding advantages such as flexibility, high durability and easy installation, PVC splints will be a great choice for decorating and protecting wall corners in your house.


Using PVC splints to decorate wall corners has many benefits as follows:

1. Create a highlight for the space: PVC braces can create sharp lines, helping to enhance the beauty of the space.

2. Wall protection: PVC braces can help protect walls from scratches, impacts or mold.

3. Easy to install: Installing PVC splints is very simple and easy, no high technology required.

4. Easy to clean: Just use a wet towel to clean the PVC splint.

5. Cost savings: PVC braces are cheaper than other materials such as wood, metal, etc.

In short, using PVC splints to decorate wall corners is an effective solution, saves money and brings many benefits to your living space.

When installing PVC splints to decorate wall corners, you need to note the following points:

1. Prepare enough tools: Make sure you have the necessary tools such as scissors, ruler, glue, screws, etc. for convenience during installation.

2. Prepare the wall surface: Before installation, make sure the wall surface is clean and dry. If there are stains or grease, wipe them clean before proceeding with installation.

3. Measure and cut the PVC splint correctly: Use a ruler to measure the wall corner size and cut the PVC splint to the corresponding size. Make sure to cut precisely to fit the wall corner and leave no gaps.

4. Use glue or screws: Depending on the type of PVC splint and the wall surface, you can use glue or screws to attach the product to the wall. Please choose the appropriate type of installation method to ensure the stability and safety of the PVC splint.

5. Check and adjust: After installation, carefully check that the PVC splint is firmly attached and not defective or out of position. If necessary, readjust to ensure complete installation.

Note that installation instructions may vary depending on the PVC thread type and manufacturer. Therefore, please follow the specific instructions from the manufacturer or seek advice from experts if necessary.


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