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Cheap floorings 12mm

Cheap floorings 12mm

F12-12mm is uotlet flooring ( No.1 Flooring ) No. 1 way to choose laminate flooring :

- Cheapest flooring , textured colors and sharpest

- Quality flooring , clear origin , certification is not harmful to health

- Warranty period wood flooring and fastest service supply

Parquet wood floors Vietnam F12 is high quality , quality control register Pk & TUV

F12 - 12mm flooring , outlet flooring, cheapest flooring Tphcm
F12 flooring : laminate flooring production in Vietnam , eye rolling good scratch-resistant aluminum oxide , super water resistant HDF core
F12 flooring applications : proper undergarments apartments, private rooms , offices , recording studios , fashion shops , supermarkets , Hotel & Resort
With a thickness of 12 definitely enough for all types of floor furnished a solid , durable and high stability
Lot of old brick foundation , ghac boss , home improvement , repair shops lined , floor decoration in exhibitions & fairs
Size of Field F : 112mm x W 12mm x D 808mm , weighs 10kg 1m2 : 175.000/m2
Field D Size : 12mm x Length 1215mm x Width 144mm , weighs 10kg 1m2 : 195.000/m2
Warranty: 10 years , no warping, shrinkage , discoloration & termite entry
F12 Selection wood flooring is the most economical way to spend money , but unfortunately there are beautiful and durable wood floor is good for health
Total expenditures for floor coverings : Porous 5.000/m2 , 25.000/m2 construction ,
Public completion rates : F and K 225.000/m2 205.000/m2 wool wall or brace 18.000/m2
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Cheap floorings 12mm