Payment methods at 3K HOME Warehouse

To facilitate your purchase at 3K HOME Warehouse - we support you with the following ordering and payment methods:

1. Pay cash to the shipper

For customers in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang: After you order at 3K HOME Warehouse -, based on the information you provide, 3K HOME Warehouse - will handle the application. Check the information and carry out delivery, installation for you. You can pay at the store or pay at home when receiving the goods as required. In case you want to buy gifts for friends or relatives, you will pay in advance to us at:  System 3K HOME Warehouse

For customers outside the province: 100% advance payment + transfer by bank transfer, or through the garage, post office, bank ...

2. Bank transfer

- If the place of delivery is different from the place of payment (in case you send gifts, send goods to friends, partners ...) Warehouse floor will collect 100% advance shipping fee + freight charges Included in the shipping policy by the transfer method before delivery.

- You pay via bank, please transfer money to 3K HOME Warehouse account:

For bank account information, please contact: 0913 8888 01

- After receiving the notice of receiving money from the bank, we will fulfill the order as your request.

3. Form of online payment

During the process of ordering on website - to the stage of payment orders choose the form of payment "Delivery on Delivery" to use this payment service.

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