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HDF Laminate Board

HDF Laminate Board

About K - Brand HDF Laminate Vietnam

What is HDF Laminate ? Wood decorative plywood - high pressure : High - pressure laminate ( HPL ) HDF laminate boards composed of 4 layers :

1 / aluminum oxide membrane : Level AC4 abrasion , moisture-proof , anti -bacterial , anti- cigarette burning , anti- color fade due to chemical and UV

2 / Layer to create wood from paper to plastic : compression molding temperature ( 220oC ) and high pressure melting beneath the oxide layer as clinging to the HDF , Laminate surface always makes durable natural wood grain and color balance stable .

3 / HDF class : high density fibreboard plywood digital valve high pressure ( 850-870 kg/cm2 ) : The composition and main bearing thickness decisions .

4 / plastic membrane layer : pressed at high temperature under the HDF layer to agglutinate them together. Ueses of this layer are anti-moisture, balancing last layer and surface to keep the planks being flat. 

- Standard of HDF: Abrasion AC4 , E1 , Class 32 , being safe for people health .

Salient advantages of HDF : natural wood grain, water-resistant, abrasion- resistant.

K - Laminate HDF made in Vietnam ,

 Warranty: 10 years

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HDF Laminate Board