Carpet Flooring

Carpets tiles are imported from Korea. Long lasting performance plastic floor mats and image retention not only help keep the space looking better, but also leave the floor less exposed to the environmental impact and lower total cost of ownership. Carpets come in a variety of styles, colors, textures, and synthetic fibers.

Carpets use common weaving styles such as: Loop Pile weaving, cut pile, multi-level loop pile, Cut-loop pile. Carpet designs and patterns are used in loop pile weaving one of the most popular weaves on the market for floor mats is a continuous ring weave, a weave that ensures high durability for a carpet, a weave This loop also features black strands that appear on a brighter background for more look. Incorporating in design for contemporary interior spaces.

Some forms such as rolls, square plates, etc. Applications are often used where high traffic volume, buildings, commercial projects, because they do not waste too much of your bookshelf.



XGUARD ® anti-erosion technology offers the highest performance against ordinary stains.


Proprietary anti-bleach technology fights discoloration from spills and cleanses with bleach.


MCare ® certified antimicrobial in coatings and rugs prevent the proliferation of fungal bacteria to help with health care in the face of everyday bacteria.



Antron Nylon offers up to 40% resistance to fading, up to 65% better stain resistance and 2.5 times better texture retention. Antron fiber tiles can last up to 75% longer lifespan . Certified as an environmentally friendly recycled product.


Ultron Nylon has a tighter molecular structure with 20% higher resilience and a 12% stiffer surface for better shape retention, better wear resistance, and a more flexible design.


Recycled nylon ECONYL® is the product of Aquafil, a world leader in synthetic fibers and a pioneer in quality, innovation and sustainability.


Practical application


- Flexible in hot and cold environments

- Easy to remove stains

- Waterproofing, moisture from the floor

Barrier to all bacteria and molds

- Provides dimensional stability

Smart cleaning and maintenance can extend material life in the long term. Proper installation and maintenance planning is key to maximizing the long-term performance of your carpet. Vacuuming your carpet is the most effective way to remove soil and maintain the overall look of your floor. A hot soak should be done on your carpet after each cleaning.


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Carpet Flooring
Vinyl Flooring Carpet FS303
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380.000 ₫ / M2