Germany laminated flooring

Germany laminated flooring

I. Introduction of German laminate flooring

German laminate flooring series is always at the forefront in the application of new technical technology to complete flooring up to the rigorous quality standards of the European industrial flooring association (EPLF). German industrial laminate flooring has a delicate natural wood grain surface, stable for long-term use with the typical brands: KRONOTEX, KRONO ORIGINAL, EURO HOME, CLASSEN made in Germany, imported from the official distribution channel. in Viet Nam.

II. Classification of German industrial wood flooring

German laminate flooring has long been known as the pioneer laminate flooring of industrial flooring in general and European laminate flooring in particular. Genuine German laminate flooring with features that make up a brand of perfect beauty, longevity and price are currently concerned by many people.

Kronotex laminate flooring manufactured at Wittstocker Chaussee 1, 16909 Heiligengrabe, Germany by Kronotex GmbH & Co.KG. Kronotex laminate floor has a lifespan of more than 25 years of use with quality to fully meet the requirements of large and small interior finishing. Customers can refer to Kronotex laminate flooring at:
Krono Original laminate flooring is produced from the Kronosflooring factory located in the German city of Dresden and more than 40 other factories from many countries and regions. Krono Original laminate flooring is highly durable, with a variety of floor colors, environmentally friendly, safe for users' health with an average lifespan of more than 25 years of use. Customers can refer to Krono Original laminate flooring at:

Euro Home laminate flooring is manufactured by the Kronospan company in Lungötz, Austria with more than 40 manufacturing plants worldwide. Euro Home laminate flooring developed specifically for the European region fully meets the requirements of European wood flooring quality testing with a material lifespan of more than 25 years used by users. Customers can refer to Euro Home laminate flooring at:
Classen laminate flooring manufactured at Zentrale Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 18-20 D-56759 Kaisersesch by Classen Group. Classen laminate flooring with exclusive Mega Lock wipes is sturdy and has a lifespan of more than 20 years of use for durable floors with long-term use. Customers can refer to Classen laminate flooring at:

III. Structure of German industrial wooden floor

German laminate flooring has a functional layered structure of laminate flooring that determines the service life and quality of the floor over time. Genuine German laminate flooring has 4 basic layers: surface coating, wood grain layer, HDF core and balance layer with separate thickness and function.

Cấu tạo sàn gỗ công nghiệp Đức.
Structure of German industrial wooden floor.

Surface coating:

German industrial laminate flooring has a surface coating of antibacterial, antibacterial aluminum oxide for easy cleaning, abrasion resistance to protect users' health and embossing effect for a genuine feeling when moving. on the floor surface.

Wood grain layer:

Typical wood grain layer has different colors and wood grain depending on the user's needs. The inspiration from the natural wood grain is embossed allowing the finished German industrial wood floor to bring the beauty of luxury to the level of natural wood.

HDF core:

The HDF (High Density Fibreboard) core directly determines the hardness of the flooring made of refined wood fibers at the density of: 800 - 1050 kg / m3 for the floor to withstand good pressure, moisture and stability when used. Castle. The key wedge featured in the HDF core has good water resistance for German laminate flooring that is easy to remove and secure without the use of specialized floor glue.

Balance class:

The plastic curtain directly separates the floor surface, effectively resists moisture from the floor surface to the floor to increase the life of the material and remove the mold moisture under the floor.

IV. Advantages and disadvantages of German laminate flooring

Each type of laminate flooring has its own unique advantages that make up the brand of each laminate floor, but besides the advantages, the disadvantages are also what customers need to pay attention to when using gas to longevity materials. for a longer time, the quality of the floor is guaranteed over time.


Good water resistance: German laminate flooring is a water-resistant industrial wood floor that is almost equivalent to Malaysian laminate flooring that has been tested for a long time and received positive feedback from users. However, customers should note that German laminate flooring should not be flooded for a long time to ensure the quality of the floor and long material life.
No dirt on the surface: With non-dirty aluminum oxide surface allows users to easily clean and the bacteria and mold on the surface are completely prevented for safe flooring for users' health.

Formaldehyde Emission: The German laminate flooring all meet the European Standard E1 for emissions into the environment when used. E1 is the safe level of user emissions - protecting the environment that many industrial laminate flooring materials target.
Heat resistance: German laminate flooring is a floor that can withstand high temperatures directly on the floor surface such as candles, lighters, cigarette butts if users accidentally leave it on the floor surface.
Color fastness: German laminate flooring has a UV protection coating for the floor that is durable when exposed to direct sunlight.
Disassembly: Simple construction with European quality wort lock for easy removal and removal of flooring panels, easy to replace damaged flooring without dismantling all flooring.
Scratch resistance: With scratch-resistant lumpy surface for the floor to withstand good surface impact and not scratches if the family has pets scratching the nail on the floor surface.
Longevity: German laminate flooring with a material life of more than 25 years is the quality choice for long-term use.


As an industrial laminate floor, German wood flooring still has certain shortcomings in its ability to withstand flooding for a long time.
Laminate flooring can shrink if temperature and humidity exceed floor specifications and directly affect the life and quality of the floor.
The finished price is high because German laminate flooring is a high-class industrial wood floor

V. Characteristics of genuine German laminate flooring

To distinguish genuine German laminate flooring from other types of wood flooring on the market, users can rely on the characteristics of German laminate flooring as follows:

Surface: Genuine German industrial laminate flooring has only 1 type of finished floor surface, which is a grainy floor surface. Types of laminate flooring with shiny floors can be confirmed not genuine German laminate flooring.
Standard size: German laminate flooring with specific sizes depends on each laminate floor manufacturer, but the current common feature is that German wood flooring has a floor length of more than 1280mm, the thickness reaches 8-12mm depending on species. Flooring without standard dimensions is not genuine German wood flooring.

In general, for the long-term durability of flooring, users should choose the right genuine German flooring in reputable and quality flooring distributors.