Herringbone Laminate Flooring

Herringbone Laminate Flooring

NOBLESSE herringbone laminate flooring is the most advanced product of DREAM laminate flooring

+ One of the most obvious advantages of NOBLESSE laminate flooring is the use of CDF water-resistant black core from MALAYSIA , which is durable enough to allow creating pairs of positive and pairs of negative (Plank A and Plank B). When installing the coupling the head of the plate enters the long edge at 900 that shaped herringbone (plank A is parallel each other and perpendicular to plank B). Herringbone is different from other normal locks have a negative and a positive side so when installed, it will be paired together.

+ NOBLESSE herringbone laminate flooring collection is inspired by the classic parquets from European traditional design. Dating back to medieval times, this unique technique installed in any area will contribute to making the house artwork. It is best suited to: museums, galleries, fashion boutiques and showrooms, hallways and palaces, meeting rooms…

+ A great solution for every room in the house.

+ Although the herringbone floor can only be used in the place that have no risk of temperature or humidity fluctuations, the great thing about the NOBLESSE herringbone laminate flooring (CDF black core is water resistant) that you can use it anywhere. A perfect view for your living room, dining room, hallway or bedroom even bathroom or kitchen. In fact, no matter where you want to introduce this luxurious floor look, it can.


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Herringbone Laminate Flooring

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