PVC Finishing Trim

The use of wall trim is one of the popular interior decoration methods and is frequently used by design consultants. Here are some reasons why design consultants prefer using wall trim:

1. Create accents and shape the space: Wall trim has the ability to clearly create accents and shape the space. They can be used to create borders, divisions or borders between different materials.

2. Create a modern and luxurious look: The wall trim has a simple, angular design and creates a modern, luxurious look for the decorative space.

3. Easy to install and remove: The wall trim has a convenient design and is easy to install. You can install the thread brace yourself without using complicated tools. In addition, when it is necessary to change or remove, the thread brace can be easily removed without causing damage to the surface.

4. Easy to clean and maintain: Wall trim only has a surface that is easy to clean and wipe. They are waterproof, mold-resistant and unaffected by external factors such as water vapor or sunlight.

For these reasons, design consultants often prefer to use wall trim to create a modern, luxurious and unique decorative space.


Using PVC splints as edge trim for wall decoration brings many convenient benefits, including:

1. Protect and hide wall edges: PVC trim is designed to protect and hide wall edges, helping to prevent bumps, scratches or damage from daily use.

2. Create accents and aesthetics: PVC splints come in many different colors and designs, helping to create accents and aesthetics for the decorative space. You can choose splints that match the style and color of the room.

3. Easy to install: PVC splint has a simple design and is easy to install. You can install the brace yourself without using complicated tools.

4. Easy to clean: PVC splint only has a surface that is easy to clean and wipe. You can easily remove dirt and stains from the brace thread.

5. Durable and long-lasting protection: PVC splints are moisture-proof, rot-proof and termite-proof. They are also able to withstand impact and long-term use without deformation or damage.

6. Cost savings: Using PVC splints to decorate wall edges is a cost-saving solution compared to using other materials to decorate wall edges.

7. Increase the value of your house: Using PVC splints to decorate the edges of your walls will increase the value of your house because it creates a beautiful and modern decorative space.


When buying PVC thread trim to decorate the edges of wall panels, you need to keep in mind the following points:

1. Suitable size: Before buying, you need to determine the size of the wall panel to choose the appropriate PVC thread brace. You should choose a splint with a length and width that matches the size of the panel.

2. Material: You should choose PVC thread brace made from high quality PVC material to ensure the sustainability and durability of the product. You should choose products with appropriate thickness and hardness to avoid breakage or deformation after use.

3. Design: You should choose a design that matches the style and color of the decorative space. Currently there are many types of PVC thread braces with many different designs, sizes and colors.

4. Brand and reputation: You should choose reputable and famous brands in the field of PVC thread splint production to ensure product quality and good after-sales service.

5. Price: You should choose a product with a reasonable price and suitable for your budget. However, you should not choose cheap products that are too low because they may not ensure quality and safety for users.


When choosing a wall cladding contractor and using PVC splints, you can apply the following steps to find the right contractor:

1. Learn and evaluate experience: Learn about the contractor's experience and achievements in wall cladding construction and using PVC splints. Review completed projects and evaluate the quality of their work.

2. Check licenses and certificates: Make sure the contractor has all the necessary licenses and certificates to perform the work. This ensures that they comply with industry regulations and standards.

3. Review reference list: Ask the contractor to provide a list of references from previous customers. Contact this customer to learn more about the contractor's work experience and service quality.

4. Quotation appraisal: Ask the contractor to provide a detailed quote for your project. Compare quotes from different contractors to ensure you get the best value for your money.

5. Discuss the use of PVC splints: During the meeting and discussion with the contractor, discuss the use of PVC splints in wall cladding construction. Make sure the contractor is knowledgeable and experienced in using and installing PVC splints correctly.

6. Contract and commitment: Once you have chosen a suitable contractor, make sure to sign a detailed and clear contract, clearly stating the terms on the use of PVC splints and commitment to work quality.

Note that choosing a wall cladding contractor that uses PVC splints is important to ensure the quality and final results of the project.


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