Dream Noblesse Laminate Flooring

Dream Noblesse Laminate Flooring

DREAM NOBLESSE FLOOR 12mm - Noblest Dream Floors

♦ DREAM NOBLESSE Laminate Floor: 12mm Thickness X Width 90mm X Length 600mm 

♦ system will bring to you great experiences about the masterpiece of the highest class laminate floor line produced in Vietnam, with the highest technology and fully meet the functions in the group of best wood flooring.

♦ DREAM NOBLESSE 12mm is belong to laminate floor NOBLESSE line. Thickness of CDF core is 12 mm imported from Malaysia, the best water-resistant hard core and green material to protect good health, so what is CDF Essence?

CDF boards are stiffer than HDF with a black core (black HDF). This is Compact Density Fiberboard.

- Details CDF: wood fiber pulp (from the wood stem, the bark and epidermis type) is crushed and dried at less than 5% humidity, pressed under high pressure, specific gravity over 900kg / m3 . That makes to increase the firmness, bearing capacity and elasticity.

- The black core is due to the humidity below 5%, the wood fiber has dried completely and is solid like coal (carbon), so it is black in color, but still retains the friendly properties of natural wood. CDF is in semi-timber and charcoal: the wood is tough and the charcoal form does not expand or warp due to water or moisture. It is extra water resistant and mildew resistant.

- CDF mixes primary plastic beads to create binders, instead of using glue to press, that is to make green materials without harmful chemicals.

The above reasons show that CDF is material with features to ensure that are the best choice and the most preeminent laminate flooring:

+ Stable material is squeezed with specific gravity over 900kg/m3, standing gravitation better and having high elasticity.

+ Moisture resistant and the best waterproof core is dried wood fibers as charcoal, which are no longer able to expand or warp due to climate change.

+ Dried wood fibers as charcoal mixed with resin, this material is completely anti-bacterial, anti-mold and anti-termite.

 DREAM NOBLESSE FLOOR 12mm are even more and more prominent with features:

+ The surface EIR is created by technology 4.0 creates natural wooden surface.

+ Surface coating is AC5 anti-scratch aluminum oxide, anti-sunscreen UV, fireproof by cigarette butts.

+ Surface layer is used the 4D printing technology on the stable laminate surface, outstanding and natural, noble as the brand Noblest Dream Floors

+ The bottom layer is a melamine layer that is used to balance, resist moisture and antibacterial 100%, they are made from pure virgin resin make the bottom layer cleaner with the newest technology on these days.

♦ With all the materials and modern technology to produce DREAM NOBLESSE laminate flooring, it can be said Noblest Floors is product line of the highest quality laminate flooring made in Vietnam.

♦ DREAM NOBLESSE laminate flooring at KHOSANGO.COM, committed to manufacturing flooring standards in Vietnam.


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Dream Noblesse Laminate Flooring