Dream Kids Flooring

Dream Kids Flooring

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Technology to serve the floor for children

Browse the floor materials that move emotions, increase the value of space and move customers' hearts. For children the floor is life, the floor serves most of the child's time. Flooring for children is about preparing for the future with health and creative interest, environmentally friendly flooring materials and adhesives, we will do our best to build trust and credibility with customers. Today is a responsibility to dear young people!

DREAM KIDS Flooring : As the first laminate flooring brand specializing in flooring for young children, serving all interior floor positions :
* Preschool; playroom, dining room, bedroom, bathroom
* Primary school; classroom, library room, computer room, gymnasium, music room
* Children's Hospital; specialized clinics, imaging rooms, dining rooms, operating rooms, maternity rooms, treatment rooms and endoscopy rooms
* Villas has a separate bedroom for children, a playroom, a study room, a private bathroom, a reading room and a gym

Welcome to DREAM KIDS Flooring ! is a laminate flooring brand specializing in the production of high-class flooring products for children's flooring
We are excited to share our expertise and passion for children's flooring with you. Whether you're looking to update your flooring, start a new construction project, or just want to learn more about the different types of flooring available for kids, with DREAM KIDS Flooring! you've come to the right place

As a specialist baby liner, we have full control over the manufacturing process and can ensure that our products are of the highest quality. Our team of experts have years of experience in the flooring industry and can provide you with the guidance and knowledge you need to make the best decision for your home or project

Our goal is to provide you with valuable information about flooring, including the pros and cons of different materials, design trends, installation techniques, and maintenance tips. We also offer a wide range of high quality flooring products to suit every style and budget

When choosing a laminate flooring for children, it is important to note some of the following characteristics :

1. Safety: laminate flooring need to be designed to ensure the safety of children. It needs to be durable and non-slip to avoid accidents

2. Easy to clean: laminate flooring need to be designed to be easy to clean and maintain. This helps keep the space clean and safe for young children

3. Moisture resistance: laminate flooring need to have high moisture resistance to avoid mold and fungus growth. This is especially important in humid or high humidity areas

4. Scratch resistance: laminate flooring need to be scratch-resistant and impact-resistant to avoid damage caused by children playing

5. Aesthetics: Finally, it should be noted the aesthetics of laminate flooring. It needs to match the design style of the space and create a cozy and comfortable environment for young children

Why should you choose a laminate flooring with water-resistant features to line the floor for children?
Choosing water-resistant laminate flooring for children's floors is a must because it allows children to play with water on the floor many of the following features:

1. Waterproof: Waterproof laminate flooring is more resistant to water than ordinary laminate flooring, helping to protect the floor from getting wet or damaged by contact with water

2. Easy to clean: Waterproof laminate flooring is also easy to clean and wipe, helping to keep the space clean and dry

3. Child safety: When using water-resistant laminate flooring, you don't need to worry about children getting wet on the floor and endangering their health

4. Durable and beautiful: Waterproof laminate flooring is usually made from high-quality materials, which increases the durability and life of the floor. In addition, they are also highly aesthetic and come in a variety of colors and styles to choose from

5. Cost savings: Waterproof laminate flooring can also save money in maintenance and upkeep, because you don't need to replace the floor as often due to damp or damage

Choosing hypoallergenic laminate flooring for children is a good choice because it has many benefits as follows:

1. Reduce the risk of allergies: Anti-allergy laminate flooring helps reduce the risk of allergies to airborne allergens. This is especially important for young children, people with weakened immune systems, or those with allergies

2. Keep it clean:   regularly clean and wipe, helping to keep the space clean and dry right after children use it. This helps reduce the risk of developing allergens on the floor

3. Safe for children: When using anti-allergic wood flooring, you don't need to worry about your children being allergic due to contact with allergens on the floor

4. Durable and beautiful: Anti-allergic laminate flooring are usually made from HDF - E1 cores, which are safe for children and have no odor. In addition, the surface is scratch-resistant, highly aesthetic, and has many colors to choose from

5. Ensure a green environment: children most need an environment with clean air, anti-allergy factor not only requires laminate flooring but also requires all materials children come into contact with

Thank you for visiting DREAM KIDS Flooring

We hope you find the information and inspiration you need to create the perfect flooring solution for your child's space.


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Dream Kids Flooring