Shophouse Laminate Flooring 8mm

Shophouse Laminate Flooring 8mm

ShopHouse laminate flooring is 8mm of thickness. It specially used for: ShopHouse, hotel, store, fashion shop, typical house, exhibition floor, showroom, homestay, motel, studio, apartment,…

Although ShopHouse laminate flooring is cheap, it still ensures aesthetically pleasing and quality. It can be used from 3 to 5 years and places with low travel density.

ShopHouse laminate flooring is made in Vietnam and warranted 12 months with all of technical defects in dry using condition. Customers can change or return the goods within 15 days from the buying day with the condition of full box.

When you are in need of beautifying your floor with fastest time, cheapest price please remember ShopHouse laminate flooring. We are always ready and pleasure to serve you all..

Currently, ShopHouse laminate flooring is popular due to such advantages as low price, natural wood vein, easy installing, dust-free surface, high abrasion class, fireproof, anti-chemical.

Structure of ShopHouse laminate flooring:

cấu tạo sàn gỗ công nghiệp

  1. Transparent and anti-wear aluminium oxide layer:is designed with embossing wood grain to resist stains, abrasions, scratches, burns and household chemicals.
  2. Wood vein paper layer: L it is designed by idea of natural wood vein with modern printing techniques by Europe manufactures.
  3. HDF core board: HDF (High Density Fibreboard)is made from fibreboard being compresed at high density. So that it is firm, stable, durable and resistant to moisture.
  4. Balancing layer: bottom layer is melamine plastic film be effective againts moisture from outside and create a balance during using time.

At w​  - we have a lot of laminate floorings with high quality and reasonable price. Please come and experience at KHOSANGO, we’re sure that customers can choose a suitable flooring for your house.

ShopHouse Laminate Flooring has already displayed at all stores of KHOSANGO.COM CHAIN.

Switchboard: 1800 6121 Holine: 0913 8888 01 / 02 (Zalo/viber)

✔ Introduction of ShopHouse Laminate Flooring: Made in Vietnam

 Laminate flooring   8 MM  1222 x 197 x 8 mm AC2 / E1  / HDF : 820kg/m3

sàn gỗ công nghiệp giá rẻ

 + Laminate flooring  205.000 12 Months + Laminate flooring made in Vietnam
 + Skirting 45.000 12 Months + Skirting made in Vietnam
 + Installation fee 30.000 12 Months + Profesional worker
 + Total 280.000 12 Months + Not include 10% of VAT

✔ Price of ShopHouse laminate flooring &  toal cost of completing the floor

* 8 of reasons of choosing ShopHouse Flooring

✔ Fast installing with system of 4 side edges click lock.    ✔ Low cost, fast delivery, fast installing
✔ Slightly glossy embosed surface with abrasion classMặt AC2, dust-free on the face    ✔ Made in Vietnam, warranty 12 months
✔ HDF - E1, proporyion 820kg/m3    ✔ Reaching of Green label – safe of health of user
✔ ​Natural wood vein with modern and classical style    ✔ Eco friendly environment

Free services:

✔ Checking the state of flooring, measuring the quantity, estimating total cost

✔ Consulting and showing sample at customer house 24/7 (from 7:30 a.m – 21:00 p.m, from Monday to Sunday)

✔ Supplying sample for testing, C.O & C.O

Switchboard: 1800 6121 Holine: 0913 8888 01 / 02 (Zalo/viber)


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Shophouse Laminate Flooring 8mm
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