Shophouse Laminate Flooring SH170
Đơn giá : 205.000 ₫ 185.000 ₫ / M2

Shophouse Laminate Flooring SH170


Product Code: SH170

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Weight: 7.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1222mm x 198mm x 8mm

Shophouse Laminate Flooring SH170
TƯ VẤN: 1800.6121
Technical parameters
Warranty 12 month
AC Rating AC: 2
advantages Water resistant, scratch-resistant, termite everyone, easy to clean, cleaning workers, green materials
Wood color Oak wood grain
Flooring Laminate Flooring
Country of Origin Vietnam
width 198 mm
Thickness 8 mm
length 1222 mm
canned cardboard
pieces Per Carton 12 plates
Square Meter Per Carton 2.903 m2
Location of use
interior Floor of the living room, bedroom, office, children's room, hotel, shoping center, restaurants, showrom, fashion shops ...

Warranty: 1 year, expected lifespan 5 years

Warranty covers all technical, technological, and material manufacturing defects including warping, shrinking, termite damage, gaps, squeaking, and discoloration.

  • Please note the following usage guidelines:
  • Avoid dragging sharp objects across the surface of the floor.
  • Always keep the floor clean and dry.
  • Warranty: We guarantee the warranty for all products provided by, whether they are promotional items or the cheapest ones.

  • Warranty note: For discontinued items, please choose a similar model. We will replace the required quantity of units or rooms.

  • accepts 100% returns if customers discover or doubt the quality of the product within 15 days. We absolutely do not allow installation if customers are not satisfied with the product. Please contact us immediately to return or exchange the product.
  • How to use the Wood Flooring

Regular cleaning is the key to keeping your engineered wood floor in its best condition. By following our step-by-step instructions on proper maintenance


Shophouse Laminate Flooring SH170

SHOPHOUSE SH170 is a high-quality 8mm thick laminate flooring. With its beautiful design and superior durability, this product is an ideal choice for creating luxurious living and working spaces.

With a thickness of 8mm, SHOPHOUSE SH170 laminate flooring provides strength and high durability, ensuring it can withstand daily use and resist impacts from the surrounding environment. Especially, with advanced manufacturing technology, this flooring has the ability to resist warping, shrinking, and termite damage.

SHOPHOUSE SH170 flooring has a smooth and durable surface, making it easy to clean and maintain. With scratch and fade resistance, this flooring maintains its original beauty for a long time.

SHOPHOUSE SH170 is also designed with a secure locking system, making installation quick and easy. Additionally, this flooring has good sound and thermal insulation properties, providing a quiet and comfortable space for your home.

With SHOPHOUSE SH170 laminate flooring, you can enjoy a luxurious living and working space, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and durability of your interior.

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