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Kho San Go – Supplying Laminate, Vinyl Flooring, WPC . A partner worth your trust!

Kho San Go has presented and stood firmly on Vietnamese market since 2012. With more than 9 years’ experience, the organization is supplying approximately 65,000 products that come from 110 well-known brands. The whole system consists of 68 showrooms widely allocated from Hanoi to Phu Quoc. The young, talented, enthusiastic people, and skillful construction team have become a steady base that built up Kho San Go and keep it running smoothly until the present. The organizational motto is “Cooperation Leads to Success”, and “Constantly Progressing”. Striving to make the best of human and material resources to build “Kho San Go” reputation, as well as the trustfulness of its products and services to the Vietnamese consumer. The customer’s trust and favor are essential elements becoming a huge motivation that keeps Kho San Go moving forward. We guarantee the improving not to disappoint our customers.

Kho San Go – A supplier of the original Laminate and Vinyl Flooring from famous brands.

After spending years researching, working, and accumulating experience, Kho San Go team has been branding a lot of product-lines’ brand. Some of those have become the company’s milestones on Vietnamese market, such as: WPC Decking – Awood; Awood Gen2 with Ultrashield Coat – Ultrawood; Shophouse, F8 Nam Viet, F12 Nam Viet, 3K Vina, Indo-or Floor 8-12mm, Dream Floor 8mm, DreamLux 12mm; Herringbone Laminate Flooring 12mm; Glue Back Vinyl Flooring - 3K vinyl, DK vinyl, EKO , Aroma Vinyl Flooring, Aroma Stone Pattern; Click clock flooring – Vinapoly, Aroma SPC, Awood SPC, Aroma 4mm, Wellmark, ect.

The genuine warranty at Kho San Go

Nowadays, we understands the warranty is always be the customer’s top concern. Therefore, Kho San Go not only brings our customers quality products but also professional services, the quick-trustful compromise of warranty. These would bring our customers the joy and satisfaction, so it is worth to put the trust and expectation on Kho San Go.