Dream 8mm Laminate Flooring

Dream 8mm Laminate Flooring

Experience  DREAM laminate flooring: HDF Green Core laminate flooring imported Malaysia, Made in Vietnam


+ First time experience with DREAM laminate flooring. With the aesthetic beauty and appeal of DREAM laminate flooring from German production technology.

+ DREAM laminate flooring is the first HDF green core product line in Vietnam, high quality wood flooring with abrasion to AC4, the best quality, suitable for Vietnam climate. Especially suitable for high-rise buildings, houses, luxury apartments .... in our country because this technology ensures the quality of production components, high bearing capacity, so it can be designed for all interior flooring works.

DREAM High quality and perfect laminate flooring:

+ The outstanding advantages of DREAM laminate flooring are not termite, no warping, super water resistance and scratch resistance. Besides, wood grain are designed naturally, diversified colors, suitable for many architectural patterns and all tastes of consumers. DREAM products meet the stringent requirements such as: adapting to the most harsh climate, protecting human health. Lock system 1clic2 go smart waterproof, help to clean your wooden floor space becomes easy and convenient for our home, laminate flooring types meet high requirements in all aspects.

+ With the best water resistant 12mm product line available today with excellent technical quality from the manufacturer provided below.

dream floor hdf green core malaysia

Features DREAM laminate flooring:

+ Side by side with dry candle wax by inkjet technology: Avoid the wax reflux after a period of use, according to this process, natural essential oils extracted from plants are covered on the four sides of each parquet board as is a water-resistant barrier before applying a paraffin layer to the wedge to reduce friction between the boards when laying the floor, thus minimizing noise for wooden floors, and for easier installation. This makes DREAM laminate flooring more durable than old technology.


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Dream 8mm Laminate Flooring