Dream ProLux 5mm Charcoal Flooring

Dream ProLux 5mm Charcoal Flooring


Dream lucky : Covers the value of quality laminate flooring and its beauty is so high that they are called dream floors and owning them will bring luck or good fortune to the lives of those who own them, so they belong to the line of high value and premium laminate flooring

Dream lucky laminate flooring: thick 8mm X wide 103mm X long 811mm. The line of custom-made laminate flooring: The type of flooring that has both a straight liner and a herringbone pattern will show you a variety of custom flooring styles and installations. so that you can freely choose your preferences for a flat fee?

Come to Distribution System Join with you to experience the masterpiece of the luckiest branded laminate flooring made in Vietnam, with the pinnacle of technology and fully functional in the group of high-class wooden floors.

Dream lucky flooring with  black core with thick DREAMLUX flooring. Using 8mm thick black CDF core imported from Malaysia, the best type of water resistant hard core and a green material for good health protection, quick information about What is CDF Core?

CDF board is a line of boards that are harder than HDF core with black core (black HDF) in English called Compact Density Fiberboard.

* Detailed information of CDF: wood fiber powder (from the trunk of the tree with the bark and cuticle removed) micro-milled and dried at less than 5% moisture, compressed under high pressure, specific gravity over 900kg/m3. Using CDF reinforcement to increase rigidity, strength and elasticity.

* The black core is because at less than 5% moisture content, the wood fiber has completely dried and is in a solid state like charcoal (carbon), so it has a black color but still retains the friendly characteristics of natural wood.

* CDF in semi wood and charcoal: the wood is solid and supple and the coal body does not expand or shrink because of water or moisture. It is to increase moisture resistance, water resistance and no mildew

* CDF blends plastic beads to create adhesive instead of glue to press, which is to make green materials without harmful chemicals

* Recently with the research on renewable materials, the name CDF, also known as charcoal wood panels, the interior space purification material has outstanding properties: air filtration and dehumidification.

Dream lucky laminate flooring with extremely good CDF reinforcement plus:

* EIR surface 4.0 technology creates natural wood pins
* Surface coating is AC4 anti-scratch aluminum oxide, UV sun protection, anti-ash burn.
* Wood grain layer using 4D printing technology on solid laminate surface, outstanding and natural beauty, noble as true reputation
* The bottom layer is a layer of melamine used for balance, moisture-proof and 100% antibacterial, they are made from pure virgin plastic, the bottom layer is finished with high-class and healthy wooden floors.

With all the materials and high technology to produce Dream lucky laminate flooring, it has established itself as the most advanced laminte flooring product line produced in Vietnam.


Dream lucky laminate flooring: thick 8mm X wide 103mm X long 811mm: laminate flooring custom installation style

1. Surface Layer EIR 2. Decorative pattern class
» Aluminum oxide and U.V layer Resistant to fading or discoloration » Durable surface according to wood grain, Highlights of high-class laminate flooring
» Protect surface against corrosive chemicals, fireproof » Fine wood grain details, sharp and realistic
» Anti-scratch, non-slip even when there is water on the face » Durable, does not change color over time
» Anti-fouling, easy to clean, hypoallergenic » Contemporary and classic wood grain style
3. Imported CDF Wood Core 4. Protective layer on the back of the floor plate
» Black Core CDF board, Impact resistant, good bearing, no warping » Primary Melamine plastic compound layer
» CDF board, imported from Malaysia. Green materials protect health » Protect the bottom of the floor plate, anti-bacterial
» Moisture-proof, water-resistant, mildew-proof, termite-proof » Increase stability, help balance the board
» Bearing strength and elasticity, anti-stretch, not rotting, cracking » Moisture-proof the back of the floor plate
5. locking system, V side-by-side 6. Made in Vietnam
» Unilic click for installation without glue, waterproof wax coating »  Genuine factory warranty in Vietnam
» V4 faceted edge, creating clear and natural beautiful grooves » Warranty 20 years including flooded, best high condition

 - - - - - - - - Dream lucky Laminate Flooring : Dream floors for lucky lives - - - - - - - -

Floors For Lucky Lives And Prosperity, the noble line to supply and install eco-quality flooring products for home owners and mansion owners. So that homeowners will be able to enjoy high quality standards from Vietnamese products.

Dream lucky 8mm laminate flooring, multi-function lining all interior floors, private houses or commercial centers are eligible to meet. Affirm the inherent values by having the product come with a genuine 20 years factory warranty, even when flooded without knowing for the following reasons:
* Warranty conditions for all cases due to manufacturing defects: warping, shrinking, cracking and termites.
* Warranty by renewing all defective products with 100% new, or new models similar to old ones.
* creates beauty forever with you and guarantees full trust. Let us beautify your home for you!
* Choose Dream lucky 8mm, choose Flooring For Luck Lucky And Prosperous Life, change your noble dream into reality in your own home.
* Your floor only needs to go through 1 day, if you want to be as good as it can be.

Dream lucky laminate flooring at chain. committed to genuine laminte flooring made in Vietnam.

 - - - - - - - - Dream lucky Flooring - Great choice for high-end interior style - - - - - - - -

Dream lucky laminate flooring is a line of high-class black core wood flooring products, designed to bring luck and prosperity to the owner. With beautiful and durable natural wood, Dream lucky laminate flooring is not only a great interior decoration product but also an optimal choice for construction projects.

Dream lucky laminate flooring is produced by experts with long experience in the laminate flooring industry. With modern production technology and strict quality control process, the product ensures high durability and meets strict quality standards.

With traditional black color, Dream lucky floor brings elegance and class to your living space. This unique color also creates a beautiful contrast with other colors in the interior space.

Dream lucky is not only an interior decoration product, but also a symbol for luck and prosperity. That happiness deserves to become the dream floor for high-end interior style.

Let Dream lucky flooring bring luxury and luck to your living space.


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Dream ProLux 5mm Charcoal Flooring