Classen laminate flooring

Classen laminate flooring

Classen Group is a corporation specializing in the manufacture of high-end wood products for interior decoration of the Federal Republic of Germany. Established since 1963, Classen Group has continuously developed and so far is a manufacturer and provide wood floors in the world's third largest.

All products use proprietary technology lock Mega Lock hèm of help for slab capable of linking more stable and more durable than ordinary lock hèm technology. Also Mega Lock technology also helps construction workers likely constructed faster than ordinary lock wort.



Products with anti-mold coating and disable the ability to develop bacteria and fungi on the surface of the wood flooring health guarantees for users.
Parquet Classen - produced and imported from Germany.
Place of production: production at Classen Zentrale
Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 18-20
D-56 759 kaisersesch

Tel: +49 26 53-98 0-0

Fax: +49 26 53-98 0-44 70


Products using the latest technology of the Classen Group
Standard AC3 - Class 32.
Standard size
1286 mm long x 194 mm wide x 8 mm thick.

1286 mm long x 194 mm wide x 12 mm thick.

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