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What is cemboard? Cemboard is a abreviation of two words of cement and board (cement board panels). The composition of cemboard consists 70% of cement and sand with 27% wood powder or wood fibre (cenlulose) and 3% glue mix. Cemboard green material is widely used as: flooring, raised floor, false floor molding, upstairs floor, walls, ceiling ... used in home or outdoor paint. Cemboard be viewed as religious lightweight concrete slabs.

Cemboard mixed wood powder is gray black and cemboard mixed cenlulose is white milk, Origination of cemboard from three countries:

- Cemboard Vietnam has two brands: DURAFLEX Board and BKT Board (cemboard cellulose mixed)

- Cemboard Malaysia has two brands: Uco Board and Prima Board (cemboard cellulose mixed)

- Cemboard Thailand have 4 brands: smart and Shera Board (cemboard cellulose mixed), Viva Board and Board Smile (Cemboard wood chips mixed)

* Advantages of Cemboard: green materials, water-resistant, anti-mold, fire resistant, anti-termite, sound block, heat block, no warping - the cracked tooth and durability than natural wood. Cemboard is easy to paint, fill and glue.

* Note: Should not salvage panels that is smaller than 300mm because it will be broken when a heavy thing put on it.

Cemboard Standard Dimension: Length 2440mm x Width 1220mm with thickness of 8 - 10-12 - 14-16 - 18-20 - 24mm


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