Herringbone Walnut Flooring
Đơn giá : 1.100.000 ₫ / M2

Herringbone Walnut Flooring


Product Code: XC WALNUT 60x420

Availability: In Stock

Weight: 12.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 420mm x 60mm x 15mm

Herringbone Walnut Flooring
TƯ VẤN: 1800.6121


Herringbone Walnut Flooring

Herringbone Walnut Flooring


Technical parameters
Warranty 10 Years
Length 420mm
Surface Type PU, UV
Width 60mm
Strip Per Pieces Solic
Flooring Walnut wood Flooring
Thickness 15mm
pieces Per Carton 10 Pieces per paper boxes
Square Meter Per Carton 0.8 M2

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Herringbone Walnut Flooring

10-years warranty period, using 25-year time

Warranty all technical error - technology - production supplies the following cases:

- Self-warping, shrinkage, every relationship, where time, cry and discoloration

- Note the use cases:

+ Do not leave sharp objects dragged across the floor

+ Always keep cleaning, dry scrubbers 1 way, not to water flooding on the floor