PVC Decking Tiles ST-Grey
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PVC Decking Tiles ST-Grey


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Weight: 100.00g

Dimensions (L x W x H): 300mm x 300mm x 14mm

PVC Decking Tiles ST-Grey
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Technical parameters
Wood color Gray White
Surface Type Anti-slip sanding
Flooring Decking Tite DIY
Country of Origin Vietnam
width 300mm
sizes 300mm x 300mm x 14mm
length 300mm
Thickness 14mm
Location of use
Application Outdoor - Indoor


Warranty: 12 months in case:

Warping, shrinkage, expansion, item, crunchy crumbs
Installation can be used immediately.
Preservation after construction, installation: cleaning, scrubbing easily with soap and water


PVC Decking Tiles ST-Grey

PVC Decking Tiles ST-Grey is made of PVC and the surface has the shape of beautiful blunt stones 300x 300 mm thick, 14 mm thick, gray white

Specialized in water-resistant and outdoor flooring: garden, corridor, outdoor walkway, swimming pool, beach, park, bath, sauna, steam bath, for dry purpose on anti-slippery surface. ... Customers are completely assured because of the technical characteristics: no warping, shrinkage, termite, stable durability under rainwater conditions and under the sun. Moreover, with the interlock system, customers can install, or remove and install, to clean the floor during long-term use.

Quickly installation interlocking decking tiles, wpc diy tiles, outdoor decking tiles

Material HDPE Thickness 19mm
Place of Origin  Vietnam installation interlocking
Model Nauber  300x300x14mm Application Outdoor - Indoor
Product  interlocking decking tiles Weather suitable from -40℃ to 60℃
Style hollow Cutting  like timber
Advantage waterproof,anti-uv,durable Delivery time during the day
Packing  Box Carton Weight 100 gram
Surface Treatment sand Warranty 12 months

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