Acacia Decking Tiles - 6 - yellow
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Acacia Decking Tiles - 6 - yellow


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Weight: 0.80kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 300mm x 300mm x 24mm

Acacia Decking Tiles - 6 - yellow
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Acacia Decking Tiles - 6 - yellow

Acacia Decking Tiles - 6 - yellow, surface 6 nan made from Acacia is arranged into 4 cells each 3 nanograms are captured on the 300 x 300 mm plastic casing thickness 22 mm thick, natural wood color easily use many different items such as: garden, hallway, outdoor walkway, swimming pool, beach, park, bathroom, sauna, steam bath, for dry purpose on anti-slip surface


Technical parameters
Wood color Yellow
Surface Type
width 300mm
sizes 300mm x 300mm x 24mm
length 300mm
Thickness 24mm
canned Màng bọc PE / kiện
pieces Per Carton 10 tấm
Location of use
Application Decorative flooring for bathroom, balcony, outdoor garden

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Warranty 12 months.
Installation warranty: 06 months in case:
+ Warping, shrinkage, expansion
- Before construction, Acacia Decking Tiles 12-Brown needs to be prepared with floor, flat, waterproofed.
- Installation can be used immediately.
Preservation after construction, installation: cleaning, scrubbing easily with soap and water

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