Acacia Decking Tiles 3D
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Acacia Decking Tiles 3D


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Weight: 1.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 500mm x 500mm x 24mm

Acacia Decking Tiles 3D
Technical parameters
Surface Type Beautifully painted with UV coating. Accompanying has been treated to prevent scratches, not to fade over time use
Flooring Natural wooden floor
width 500mm
sizes 500mm x 500mm x 24mm
length 500mm
Thickness 24mm
Location of use
Application Decorative flooring for bathroom, balcony, outdoor garden

Shelf life more than 12 months.
Construction warranty: 01 month in case:
+ Warping, shrinkage, expansion
Before construction of Wood Slab TBV- it is necessary to prepare the ground, flat, treated with waterproofing. Cut and add to the inadequate size.
Installation can be used immediately.
Preservation after construction, installation: cleaning, scrubbing easily with soap and water

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Acacia Decking Tiles 3D


Acacia Decking Tiles 3D, surface 15 nan made from Acacia is arranged into 4 cells each 3 nanograms are captured on the 300 x 300 mm plastic casing thickness 22 mm thick, natural wood color easily use many different items such as: garden, hallway, outdoor walkway, swimming pool, beach, park, bathroom, sauna, steam bath, for dry purpose on anti-slip surface .... Fully customers peace of mind because of the technical characteristics: no warping, shrinkage, termite, stable durability under rainwater conditions and under the sun. Moreover, with the interlock system, customers can install, or remove and install, to clean the floor during long-term use.

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