GLUE Y6000
Đơn giá : 850.000 ₫ / 10Kg

GLUE Y6000

Brand: KOREA

Product Code: Y6000

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Weight: 10.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 240mm x 240mm x 550mm

GLUE Y6000
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GLUE Y6000

- Uses: Plastic tile, plastic floor, PVC tile, vinyl floor, Vinyl tile floor
- Use on the surface: Cement, brick, ceramic tile, glass tile, oil tank, concrete, plywood, wood, industrial wood, MDF, plaster
- Specifications: 10kg / carton
- Made in Korea
- Manufacturer: YOUNG JIN co.,. Ltd

* Advantages of plastic floor glue Y6000:
- High adhesion during use of plastic floor, non-toxic, safe use, environmentally friendly,
- Storage: Store in sheds, without direct sunlight, temperature 10 - 30 * C
- Shipping is simple by the box.
- Simple construction: plastic, Rulo

* Note: Do not mix Y6000 with water or any other chemicals
- Use after 48 hours, when it is dead and completely odor.

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Technical parameters
Types of glue Plastic floor glue
Weight of 1 cans 10 kg
Country of Origin Korea
canned Plastic cans

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ADVICE: 1900.63.69.68 - Hotline: 0913888 601 (Viber / Zalo)

* Warranty 10 years: quality products, errors made by the manufacturer

* Note:
- Hold the order or warranty card as a warranty.
- Check the quantity and shape of the product: the box is intact, not broken, molded, distorted before the construction.
- Flat: not protruding aperture and not exceeding 5mm radius 1m, plane finishing reflects 80% of the surface before lining.
- Qualified premises using Vinyl floor Glue: industrial board, cemboard, flat stone floor, cast iron floor, cement slab floor (must be compacted and old) not on carpet, wood floor Old and young cement floor (less than 50% cement)
- The floor should be absolutely dry and clean, clean the floor thoroughly before application because dust reduces the adhesion of the adhesive.
- Vinyl floor glue should only be used after at least 48 hours, for glueing time.
- Vinyl flooring cleaning by vacuum cleaner, broom, or mop.