Super Glue Vinyl Y-8000-10kg
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Super Glue Vinyl Y-8000-10kg

Brand: KOREA

Product Code: Y-8000-10kg

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Weight: 10.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 240mm x 240mm x 550mm

Super Glue Vinyl Y-8000-10kg
Technical parameters
Types of glue Plastic floor glue
Weight of 1 cans 10 kg
Country of Origin Korea
canned Plastic cans

* Warranty: 1 year on product quality, manufacturer defects

* Note:
- Keep the order form or warranty card as a warranty deed.
- Check the quantity of goods as well as the shape of the product: the box is intact, not broken, spongy, or distorted before construction.
- Flat surface: no protrusions, holes and protrusions no more than 5mm with a radius of 1m, finished plane reflects 80% of the ground before lining
- Surfaces eligible to use vinyl floor glue: industrial plank surfaces, cemboard, flat stone tile floors, cast concrete floors, cement paste floors (must be compacted and aged) do not stick on carpets or floors. old wood and young cement floors (less than 50% cement)
- The floor surface must be absolutely dry and clean during construction. The floor must be thoroughly cleaned before construction because dirt reduces the adhesion of the glue.
- Vinyl flooring should only be used at least 72 hours after pasting, so that the glue has time to bond (the glue will die).
- Clean Vinyl floors with a vacuum cleaner, broom, or mop like tile floors.

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Super Glue Vinyl Y-8000-10kg

Super Vinyl Glue Y-8000 package: 10kg convenient for economical use with small floors, easier to store and transport. Super Vinyl Glue is the best floor glue line from Korea today. Made in Korea

  Manufacturer: ORION INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD, #26 Noksansaneopjung-ro 167-gil, Gangseo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea

  Tel: +82-51-831-2211, Website:

ORION INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD offers a Green Management Policy: will promote green growth by maximizing corporate value by enhancing the ability to respond to environmental changes and develop and improve Environmentally friendly process. ORION IND CO.,LTD: Korea's leading bio-adhesive and additives factory, including many environmentally friendly products: Cement, self-leveling cement, cement packages, tile adhesive , plastic glue, ship protection putty. Among many green flooring products with advanced technology that ensure good health when used, there is Super Vinyl Glue Y-8000 specialized plastic floor glue, a water-based bio-glue, milky white in color and odor-free.

Super Vinyl Glue Y-8000 is currently the best glue line used to glue vinyl floors. 100% genuine Korean imported goods in original boxes ORION INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD

Super Vinyl Glue Y-8000 surpasses the 6000 generation because of its multi-purpose adhesion, strong and durable adhesion, and is a health-safe glue with the latest imported C.O. and C.Q.

  Uses for pasting on surfaces:  ceramic tiles, glass tiles, granite, plastic floors, PVC tiles, vinyl floors, oil slurry, concrete, plywood, wood, industrial wood, MDF, plaster

  Specification: 4kg/barrel and 10kg/carton, same quality.

  Note: Super Vinyl Glue Y-8000 is specialized and only used for applying vinyl flooring (LVT) to the surfaces listed above

LVT Y-8000 floor glue is a type of glue used to glue plastic floors. Y-8000 is a product of ORION glue - Korea, a famous brand in the floor glue industry.

LVT Y-8000 floor adhesive is designed to provide strong adhesion and high durability, helping to firmly hold plastic floors and create a smooth and beautiful surface. It can be used for many different types of plastic floors such as vinyl floors, linoleum floors, PVC floors, and rubber floors.

To use LVT Y-8000 floor glue, you need to clean and dry the floor surface before applying the glue. You can then apply glue to the floor surface and place the floor in the desired position. You should follow the manufacturer's instructions for use to achieve the best results.

With LVT Y-8000 floor adhesive, you can trust the quality and performance of the product to create a beautiful and sturdy living or working space.

Super Vinyl Glue Y-8000 is imported and distributed by Royal Nam Viet Co., Ltd at We are committed to ensuring 100% Korean import standards.


– Provide information about goods certificates, documents and technical specifications, instructions for use and storage
– Consulting, quoting and viewing samples at home 24/7 (from 07:00 – 21:00,  Monday to Sunday)

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