Foam Silver 2mm
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Foam Silver 2mm


Product Code: Xốp Bạc 2mm

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Weight: 0.08kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 100000mm x 1000mm x 2mm

Foam Silver 2mm
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Foam Silver 2mm

Foam is a must-have accessory when installing: wooden floor, plastic floor

Foam is an indispensable product when installing floor coverings for projects. Using foam floor covering should help increase the life of wooden floors, plastic floors. 

Foam Silver is required fittings as flooring or laminate flooring natural

The use of foam:

- Balancing the floor, cover the defect for the uneven concrete or brick

- Prevent moisture from under the wooden floor

- Reduce noise and sound

Uses of foam:

- Balance the floor, compensate for the convex and concave defects of the concrete or brick surface

- Prevent moisture from the bottom to the wooden floor

- Noise reduction and soundproofing

Instructions for using Foam properly:

When spreading the foam floor, pay attention to spread it flat and put it on the base of the wall 4 cm. You can spread according to the width or length of the room, close the eyelids but do not let the pillows overlap, use tape to glue the two adjacent foam edges. 


Technical parameters
Length 10000mm
Width 1000mm
Country of Origin vietnam
sizes 100m x 1m x 2mm
Thickness 2mm

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