Foam Rubber 1.7 mm
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Foam Rubber 1.7 mm


Product Code: Foam Cao Su Trắng 1.7 mm

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Weight: 0.14kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 91000mm x 1220mm x 1.7mm

Foam Rubber 1.7 mm
TƯ VẤN: 1800.6121


Foam Rubber 1.7 mm

Foam Rubber 1.7 mm is required fittings as flooring or laminate flooring natural

The use of foam:

- Balancing the floor, cover the defect for the uneven concrete or brick

- Prevent moisture from under the wooden floor

- Reduce noise and sound


Technical parameters
Flooring Foam Rubber 1.7 mm
Country of Origin vietnam
sizes 91000mm x 1220mm x 1.7mm
Thickness 1.7 mm

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Foam Rubber 1.7 mm
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