3K Panels WPC 195x14 - Cafe -AS
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3K Panels WPC 195x14 - Cafe -AS

Brand: 3K PVC

Product Code: 195x14 - Cafe -AS

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Weight: 2.50kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2700mm x 195mm x 14mm

3K Panels WPC 195x14 - Cafe -AS
Technical parameters
Color Màu nâu cà phê
Composition 35% wood pulp and 65% PVC resin
Surface Structure The product is custom color, there is a vein, can be processed surface and paint like natural wood.
Warranty 10 Years
Height 14 mm
Length 2700mm
Country of Origin Vietnam
width 195 mm
sizes (L x W x H): 2700mm x 195mm x 14 mm
Feature # 8 No cracks, deformation, no maintenance, no hygienic maintenance costs repair.
Function #1 Anti - sound, temperature stability
Function #2 Waterproof, moisture resistant, less denser.
Function #3 No termites, no mold
Function #4 Many styles and colors: diverse products, feel like natural wood and choose the color to your liking.
Function #5 Good shape: Completely assembled conveniently, can be processed by ordinary furniture method, bolted as natural wood, shaping according to the preferences express your own style.
Feature # 6 Environmentally friendly products: Non-toxic, Benzene-free, environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, user-friendly.
Feature # 7 High fire resistance: The product reaches level B1 with fire-extinguishing self-disconnecting.
Location of use
Application Interior fitting such as wall tiles, ceiling, walls, columns, railing ...

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3K Panels WPC 195x14 - Cafe -AS

With modern production technology, combining various pigments with high color fastness, 3K PVC has created different color compound particles that produce products of different colors, veins, lines on the surface. Different for customers to choose. 3K PVC has the same machinability as natural wood so it can be machined and painted like natural wood.

- The molds are designed to be delicate, diversified, suitable for interior decoration such as: wall, ceiling, wall, column, railing, stairs ...

   3K PVC futures will be the staple finishing material in home furnishing.

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