Wellmark SPC 8058
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Wellmark SPC 8058


Product Code: 8058

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Weight: 24.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1230mm x 180mm x 4mm

Wellmark SPC 8058
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Wellmark SPC 8058

Wellmark SPC 8058 plastic surface with natural wood texture combined with light brown wood tone for a luxurious interior space modern. Heavy wood from bold to lightly divided on the wood. Wellmark Wellington lock is suitable for bringing beautiful natural, simple, sophisticated and present for the office area, fashion shop or bedroom, General living room .......

In addition to scratch resistance, water resistance, mushroom hooks, moisture resistance, fire resistance lan ... but also equipped with two side locking convenience in construction and flexibility in the replacement process.

100% Korean technology products.


Technical parameters
Warranty 10 Year
Length 1230 mm
Surface Type 0.5mm
Width 180 mm
sizes (L x W x H) 1230mm x 180mm x 4mm
Thickness 4 mm
canned canned with hard paper
pieces Per Carton 12 pcs
Square Meter Per Carton 2.6568m2
Location of use
Application plastic flooring for all places from home to school, in an apartment or a public place, living room and gym or play floor.

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10 year warranty: Wellmark SPC Plastic Floor

Structure and shape warranty, no broken, color

* Note the preparation of flooring for plastic flooring must meet standards:

- Flat: not protruding aperture and not exceeding 5mm radius 1m, plane finishing reflects 80% of the surface before lining.

- Fully qualified flooring: industrial board, cemboard, flat stone floor, cast iron floor, cement floor (must be compacted and old tank) not lined on carpet, wood floor Old and young cement floor (less than 50% cement)

- The floor should be absolutely dry and clean, must be very clean floor before construction

- Execution: determine the vertical boundary by straining just before lining (using standard keel), using construction tools and shoes without dust, gloves, flooring on the final finishing before the entrance. use, open the ventilation of the construction

- Clean the floor with vacuum cleaner, broom, or mop as brick floor.

- Executing finished can be used immediately, unlike ordinary plastic flooring using glue, you have to wait a while for dry glue.

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