Beach landscape painting SEA010
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Beach landscape painting SEA010


Product Code: SEA010

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Weight: 3.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1500cm x 100cm x

Beach landscape painting SEA010

Under the theme Sea - Beach Scenery is always the place to give viewers the most impressive and wonderful scenery, the moment is extremely impressive beauty can hardly believe in the eye is especially at times Dawn or sunset gives the user more pleasure

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Beach landscape painting SEA010

Korean Wall Paintings - Korean wall paintings are one of the thematic products of Wood Floor Warehouse that want to give users the image of the product on the subject of the request without spending much time in the work. Choose to decorate with the gentle scenery of the sea and the gentle scene of the sunset light gives the viewer a comfortable space that smoothly beach wallpaper gives you .


Technical parameters
Warranty 6 month
Country of Origin Korea
Material paper + pvc
sizes W 1.06m x L 15m
Size M2 / roll 15.9m2
Location of use
Application Decorate walls

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6 month warranty

Shelf life: 3-4 years

Warranty of peeling caused by adhesive release, cracking due to production errors.