Senna siamea flooring FJL 120x900
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Senna siamea flooring FJL 120x900


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Weight: 15.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 900mm x 120mm x 15mm

Senna siamea flooring FJL 120x900
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Senna siamea flooring FJL 120x900

Senna siamea flooring made ​​from Senna siamea trees that has natural dark brown color with undulatory wood grain. Hard and heavy are two dominant characteristics of Senna siamea trees.

Senna siamea trees are used a lot in building, furniture, flooring, stair,.. because it is resistant to rot and termites.

Dimension of Senna siamea flooring:

- Length: 120 (mm) FJL

- Width: 90 (mm)

- Thickness: 15 (mm)

Senna siamea dried to achieve humidity ranged from 8% to 12%, and then transferred to sanding line and cutting edge

The whole bar of Senna siamea flooring is covered 2k (waterproof), and the surface is painted UV being 50% shaded


Technical parameters
Warranty 1 Year
Flooring Lauan / Meranti
sizes L 1050mm x W 90mm x H 15mm

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Warranty: 1 year

Warranty for any damage caused by techniques - technology - production materials in the following cases:

- Self warping, shrinkage.
- Note the use cases:

+ Do not let sharp objects drag on the floor
+ Always keep the floor clean and dry