Plastic Profile CKN006
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Plastic Profile CKN006


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Dimensions (L x W x H): 2700mm x 38mm x 8mm

Plastic Profile CKN006
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Plastic Profile CKN006

Plastic splint fittings for wooden floors, plastic finishes

- Material: PVC, surface of decal (simili) wood grain texture

- Plastic splints decorate the end of the floor surface when installing, obscuring the expansion of the wooden floor

- The positions often use plastic braces: the end of the wooden floor, the door, the toilet door, right at the top of the ladder, the transition point from the wooden floor to the other wooden floor - connecting from the wooden floor to the other floor

- Length: 2.7m, Used for laminate flooring 8mm to 12mm

- Plastic splints: Curved end braces, end braces, floor braces, stair braces (level nose)

Wooden floor plastic splint with a variety of colors, many wood grain patterns for a delicate combination of wood floors and walls.


sizes 2700mm x 38mm x 8mm (dành cho ván 8mm)

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