Nam Viet Flooring  F12-68
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Nam Viet Flooring F12-68


Product Code: F12-68

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Weight: 10.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1221mm x 198mm x 12mm

Nam Viet Flooring  F12-68
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Nam Viet Flooring F12-68

Nam Viet Flooring  F12-68: Wood Floors are selling promotion price 
Production in Vietnam wood flooring, eye rolling good scratch-resistant aluminum oxide, super water resistant HDF core 
Nam Viet Flooring  F12 applications: proper undergarments apartments, private rooms, offices, recording studios, fashion shops, supermarkets, Hotel & Resort 
With a thickness of 12 definitely enough for all types of floor furnished a solid, durable and high stability 
Lot of old brick foundation, ghac boss, home improvement, repair shops lined, floor decoration in exhibitions & fairs



Technical parameters
AC Rating AC4
compressive force 850kg/ cm2
Surface Type
Strip Per Pieces 1 strip
Flooring Laminate Flooring
Country of Origin Viet Nam
Complete 10mm Height 14mm = H 12mm + Foam 2mm
sizes 1221(D) x 198 (R) x 12 mm
Thickness 12MM
Flooring Accessories
Accessories Foam: 2mm
canned Cardboard
pieces Per Carton 10 pcs
Square Meter Per Carton 2.417m2
Location of use

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10 -year warranty period , using 25 -year time

Warranty all technical error - technology - production supplies the following cases:

- Self- warping, shrinkage , every relationship , where time , cry and discoloration

- Note the use cases :

+ Do not leave sharp objects dragged on the floor

+ Always hygiene , dry scrubbers 1 way

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