LVT Tile Flooring 22091-3
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LVT Tile Flooring 22091-3


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Weight: 3.25kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 457.2mm x 609.6mm x 3mm

LVT Tile Flooring 22091-3
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LVT Tile Flooring 22091-3

LVT Tile 2014-3, complemented with LVT glue-lined plastic floor slabs, specializing in interior flooring, the house is designed to be fake LVT Tile 2014-3 surface with natural stone pattern. Stone gravel is popular according to precious hard stones, making the floor elegant and elegant. The same type of LVT Tile 2014-3 also designed the surface of concrete fake plastic floor, the classic wooden floor fake plastic cement floor is the personality choice of Rustic style interiors?

LVT Tile 2014-3 floor liner position: with waterproof and slip resistant LVT Tile 2014-3r features suitable for all interior lining locations

Floor guard, Basement; bathroom; Kitchen; Laundry room; Dining room; Entrance / Corridor; Living room; Bedroom; Office

Business center, Store, Fashion shop, restaurant or lounge.
In addition to floor coverings, plastic tiles LVT Tile 2014-3 also use wall tiles, Lamry, column coverings


Technical parameters
Surface thickness 0.2 mm
Warranty 5 Years
Length 609.6mm
Width 457.2 mm
Strip Per Pieces 1-Strip
Flooring Vinyl Flooring
Country of Origin Korea
sizes (L x W x H) 609.6mm x 457.2mm x 3mm
Thickness 3 mm
pieces Per Carton 11 pcs
Square Meter Per Carton 3.066 m2

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10 Year Warranty : 

Warranty texture and shape , not shattered , losing color

* Note ground preparation to meet the standards :

- Plane : no protrusions small and medium amounts not exceeding 5 mm radius 1m , perfect plane surface reflects 80 % before lining

- The presence of qualified Vinyl flooring : the game industry , cemboard , flat stone tile flooring , slab casting sheet , cement floor apartment ( and compacted to households ) are not lined on carpet, wood floor old cement floor apartments and small ( less than 50 % cement )

- The floor construction must be absolute when dry and clean , hygienic foundation must be clean before applying for reducing dirt adhesion of glue

- Construction: determined by a straight edge along the string tension just before the liner (using the standard ke ) , used construction equipment and dirt shoes , gloves , lined floor to complete the final union before entering use , open during the construction of ventilation

- Use only plastic floor after the construction of at least 72 hours to glue the cut time ( death glue )

- Cleaning plastic floor with a vacuum cleaner , brooms, or as mop tile floors