Fjord Vinyl Plank Tile F1022-4
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Fjord Vinyl Plank Tile F1022-4


Product Code: F1022-4

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Weight: 4.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 915mm x 183mm x 2mm

Fjord Vinyl Plank Tile F1022-4
Technical parameters
Surface thickness 0.3 mm
Warranty 10 Year
Length 915 mm
Surface Type Wood lumpy + no groove
Width 183mm
Flooring vinyl glue down flooring
Country of Origin Korea
Complete 10mm Height 2 mm
sizes (L x W x H) 915 mm x 183mm x 2mm
Thickness 2 mm
pieces Per Carton 22 pcs
Square Meter Per Carton 3.684m2
Location of use

Fjord Vinyl Plank Tile F1022-4

Korean Fjord - Vinyl Flooring similar to Oak wood, suitable for light design, bright space.

Feel cool in the summer, warm in winter.

Fjord Korea vinyl flooring is easy to install, easy to clean and maintain.

Low investment cost, higher product life.


Warranty Policy

Warranty period of 1 year: In terms of structure and shape, it does not break under normal use conditions, without user impact.

Note on use cases:

Do not let sharp objects drag on the floor.

Always keep the floor clean and dry.

Do not use detergents or harmful chemicals

Warranty: We guarantee all products offered by with warranty

Warranty note: For discontinued product codes, please select the same code. We will replace the required number of rooms that you need under warranty.

* Note that ground preparation for plastic flooring must meet standards

When preparing the surface for gluing glued plastic flooring, this is an important step that you should take to ensure the glued plastic floor is more durable.

Inspect and prepare the surface: Make sure the floor surface is flat, clean and dry. Remove any residue, grease, dirt and objects lying on the floor. Check for cracks, holes or other surface irregularities and repair if necessary. If the floor has old paint or other coatings, consider removing them or preparing the surface before applying the vinyl flooring.

Flat surface: no protrusions, holes and protrusions no more than 5mm with a radius of 1m, finished plane reflects 80% of the ground before lining

Glued plastic flooring can be applied to many different types of surfaces. Below are some of the main types of surfaces that glued vinyl flooring can typically be glued to:

+ Tiles: Glued plastic floors can also be glued to tile surfaces. However, ensure that the tile surface is smooth, clean and free of cracks or dents.

+ Wooden floors: Some types of glued plastic floors can be glued directly onto wooden floors. However, before gluing, it is necessary to check that the wooden floor is hard and flat enough to ensure a good connection with the glue layer.

+ Old vinyl floors: If you want to upgrade old vinyl floors, glued vinyl flooring can be a great solution. With careful preparation and ensuring that the old vinyl surface is not damaged, you can apply new vinyl flooring on top.

+ Epoxy concrete floors: Glued plastic floors can also be glued to epoxy concrete floors. However, before applying, it is necessary to check the chemical resistance of the epoxy layer and ensure that the surface is clean and free of damaged coatings.

+ Cement floors (must be tightly compacted and old cement) must not be placed on carpets, old wooden floors and young cement floors (less than 50% cement)

Note that applying adhesive vinyl flooring to specific types of surfaces may require different processes and tools. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and procedures to achieve the best results and ensure the sustainability of the plastic floor.

How to use AROMA EKO plastic flooring

Regular cleaning is key to keeping your vinyl floors in top shape. By following our step-by-step instructions on daily floor care and maintenance measures, your floor will retain its beauty for years to come.

General floor care tips:

+ Use water sparingly while cleaning your plastic floors. Prepare a cloth to absorb the water and wring it out immediately because too much water makes the floor wet, affecting the glue because the quality of glued plastic floors depends partly on the glue.

+ Avoid wax, vinegar and all-purpose soap cleaners, as they dull the floor's finish.

+ Do not let sand or dirt accumulate for a long time. The optimal method is to vacuum or sweep your floor once a week.

+ Place the carpet right at the exit to dry it before entering the plastic floor. The carpet also prevents sand from dirtying or scratching the floor. Regularly clean the carpet to dry it so that water does not accumulate and affect your floor.

+ Use rubber or plastic pads to prop up furniture.

+ Trim your pet's claws to help avoid scratches on the floor.

Regular floor care:

+ Clean the floor with the soft bristles on your mop.

+ Rinse the cleaning cloth in water when it becomes dirty and wring it out thoroughly before continuing cleaning.

+​ Routine maintenance: - Vacuum the floor carefully, clean it using a suitable floor cleaner and a soft fiber mop pad on your mop. - Always keeping plastic floors in clean and dry conditions is always the correct way to use them.

Steps before the product is warranted:

Proceed to receive warranty information

Conduct an assessment and review: The manufacturer or supplier will conduct an assessment of your problem. This may include asking you to provide additional information, images or a direct inspection by the technical team.

Warranty decision: Based on the evaluation results, the manufacturer or supplier will make a warranty decision. If the problem is determined to be a defect, we can recommend appropriate repair, replacement or compensation measures.

Taking warranty measures: If the warranty decision is accepted, you will take the measures recommended by the manufacturer or supplier. This may include repairing vinyl floors, replacing defective floor panels, or other measures to correct the problem.

Need advice and maintenance, please contact us: ☎️ Hot switchboard: 1800 6121

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