Awood Fences, Gates Type28
Đơn giá : 1.200.000 ₫ / M2

Awood Fences, Gates Type28

Brand: AWOOD

Product Code: HR C K28

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Weight: 22.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 100cm x 1cm x 180cm

Awood Fences, Gates Type28
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Awood Fences, Gates Type28

Fence, gate K28 - A beautiful house apart from elements such as interior and exterior, private corners or parking garages, the fence around the house or the gate is always a very important part, it helps you feel It is really safe to rest assured to build your home there, and increase the beauty of the house, to help your house add more modern elegance.

Modern houses today have a lot of fence options for different hobbies of homeowners. For example, according to materials, there will be types of fences made of wood, aluminum or metal, but if according to the design, there is a vertical or horizontal layout. The important thing here is that whatever type it always gives you an ideal private space, color is also a distinguishing factor, it not only brings a good feeling but also beautifies the house and it It also reflects the tastes of those who live in it.

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Technical parameters
Warranty 5 years
Flooring Decking wood plastice composite

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