Aroma Vinyl flooring C2088
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Aroma Vinyl flooring C2088

Brand: AROMA

Product Code: C2088

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Weight: 4.02kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1219.2mm x 185mm x 2mm

Aroma Vinyl flooring C2088
Technical parameters
Warranty 10 Year
Length 1219.2 mm
Width 185 mm
Strip Per Pieces Balloon
Flooring Vinyl Flooring
Country of Origin Korea
sizes (L x W x H) 1219.2mm x 185mm x 2mm
Thickness 2mm
canned cardboad
pieces Per Carton 16 pcs
Square Meter Per Carton 3.59 m2
Location of use
Warranty 10 years Warranty structure and shape, not broken, chips * Note the preparation of flooring for plastic flooring must meet standards: - Flat: not protruding the depression and not exceeding 5mm radius 1m, the finishing plane reflects 80% of the surface before lining. - Qualified flooring surfaces: industrial board, cemboard, flat stone floor, cast concrete floor, cement floor (must compact and old tank) not on carpet, old wood floor and young cement floor (less than 50% cement) - The floor must be absolutely dry and clean when applied. The floor must be cleaned thoroughly before application because the dust reduces adhesion of the adhesive. - Execution: determine straight vertical boundary by straining just prior to lining (using standard keel), using construction tools and dust free shoes, flooring at the final finishing stage before use, open of ventilation during construction - Only use plastic floor after application for at least 72 hours, for glueing time (glue die). - Clean the floor with vacuum cleaner, blower, or mop as the tile floor. For detailed warranty please contact: 0913.8888.01 or 1900.63.69.68

Aroma Vinyl flooring C2088

Aroma plastic flooring leading brand in Vietnam. Aroma is produced by Korean technology to meet the standards of safety and health, green products follow the international trend of environmental protection from using recycled PVC materials in 90% products.

With PVC design, easy to connect together quickly and conveniently suitable for houses as well as business shops .... shopping centers ...

With the main ingredient is PVC, it does not affect our health and optimal features such as: 100% water resistance, color fastness, scratch resistance, slip resistance, durability over 20 years, the product is Environmentally friendly green certification.

Aroma plastic flooring: easy to install and disassemble without tools and save accessories such as wool splints.

Accessories included: glue or one-sided gum foam or 2-sided glue rubber foam

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