Wood Vinyl Tile

Wood vinyl tile flooring : Vinyl Floor Galaxy ?

Why not use the right laminate flooring tile used Wood vinyl flooring  ?

Because of the remarkable features of vinyl flooring versus laminate flooring

- Waterproof and 100 % humidity measurements made ​​of PVC  - Bearing bumps < 850kg/cm2 not affected damage

- Reduce scratches , abrasion wheel bearing friction - Reduce noise by 90 % while commuting or pulling carts and running strong

- Elastic light , which limits exposure to bodily injury collision - Anti- chemical corrosion , anti- mildew , static way

- Moving convenient , easy to clean , low -cost , reliable - Only 3mm thick , plastic floor mats lightest material , do not alter the base more

- Construction of separate panels glued each connection not fixing first alternative , no noise , no dust

The advantage of this Vietnam as interior flooring as shown remarkable interest in the position pragmatic and specific areas :

Public sector : restaurants , hotels, resorts , amusement parks , movie theaters , entertainment centers - commercial , fitness room , yoga room , gymnasiums , hallways , floors Airport Station , home to the party train , bus ... school , hospital , surgical room ....

Work area : offices , meeting facilities , conference hall , reception room , soundproofing - insulation , sound studio , pharmaceutical companies ... Center , cosmetics factory , chemical factory

Area children : preschool , daycare , playground , children's rooms

Flooring apartments, private rooms, houses

*Excel typical wood flooring over vinyl flooring : Waterproof - Noise - soft collision


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- Consult samples at home 24/7 (from 07h - 21h, Monday to Sunday)
- Provide samples to check product quality, only from C.O & C.Q

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Wood Vinyl Tile

Galaxy Vinyl Flooring YT4001w
Based on 0 reviews.
Galaxy Vinyl Flooring YT4001w (African Oak) The color and texture of vinyl flooring to make customers think you are lost in the woods like from African, Wood grain like is a tropical hardwood. With dimensions 914.4mm long x 152mm wide giving ample space open office areas, halls and public places ...  Special Galaxy Vinyl Flooring YT4001w easy install, low cost, overcome drawbacks of real wood flooring such as no noise when walking, anti-warping, anti-scratching, vermin, odors, mold, good moisture resistance and resist fire spread, ... make sure to use a long time wi..
175.000 ₫ / M2

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