Galaxy Vinyl Flooring YT4001w
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Galaxy Vinyl Flooring YT4001w


Product Code: YT4001w

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Weight: 5.50kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 914.4mm x 152mm x 3mm

Galaxy Vinyl Flooring YT4001w
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Galaxy Vinyl Flooring YT4001w

Galaxy Vinyl Flooring YT4001w (African Oak)

The color and texture of vinyl flooring to make customers think you are lost in the woods like from African, Wood grain like is a tropical hardwood. With dimensions 914.4mm long x 152mm wide giving ample space open office areas, halls and public places ... 

Special Galaxy Vinyl Flooring YT4001w easy install, low cost, overcome drawbacks of real wood flooring such as no noise when walking, anti-warping, anti-scratching, vermin, odors, mold, good moisture resistance and resist fire spread, ... make sure to use a long time without fading or deformation. 


Technical parameters
Warranty 10 Year
Length 914.4mm
Width 152mm
Strip Per Pieces 1-Strip
Flooring Vinyl Flooring
Country of Origin Vietnam
sizes (L x W x H) 914.4mm x 152mm x 3mm
Thickness 3mm
pieces Per Carton 24 pcs
Square Meter Per Carton 3.34m2

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10 Year Warranty : Galaxy Vinyl Flooring YT4001w

Warranty texture and shape , not shattered , losing color

* Note ground preparation to meet the standards :

- Plane : no protrusions small and medium amounts not exceeding 5 mm radius 1m , perfect plane surface reflects 80 % before lining

- The presence of qualified Vinyl flooring : the game industry , cemboard , flat stone tile flooring , slab casting sheet , cement floor apartment ( and compacted to households ) are not lined on carpet, wood floor old cement floor apartments and small ( less than 50 % cement )

- The floor construction must be absolute when dry and clean , hygienic foundation must be clean before applying for reducing dirt adhesion of glue

- Construction: determined by a straight edge along the string tension just before the liner (using the standard ke ) , used construction equipment and dirt shoes , gloves , lined floor to complete the final union before entering use , open during the construction of ventilation

- Use only plastic floor after the construction of at least 72 hours to glue the cut time ( death glue )

- Cleaning plastic floor with a vacuum cleaner , brooms, or as mop tile floors 

Galaxy Vinyl Flooring YT4001w 
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