Wall Paper SKENÉ 85058-2
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Wall Paper SKENÉ 85058-2


Product Code: 85058-2

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Weight: 5.50kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 1550cm x 106cm x

Wall Paper SKENÉ 85058-2
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Wall Paper SKENÉ 85058-2

Collection of Korean wallpaper SKENÉ 2017 called "Nature is here". With all kinds, colors, patterns about nature, flowers, trees, especially wood patterns, unique stones, with many different colors. Design is sharp, impressive and suitable for almost every living space of family, fresh and youthful space of coffee shops, spots ...
Korean wallpaper SKENÉ - Gives you an interior of natural concept space harmoniously combined, warm feeling from natural texture. It can be said that the 2017 collection of SKENÉ is full of models with many categories to meet all tastes, all ages & all different architectural design styles.
Korean wallpaper SKENÉ is produced on modern technological lines of Gaenari Wallpaper & 100% imported from Korea.


Technical parameters
Warranty 1 years
Country of Origin Korea
Material paper + pvc
sizes W 1.06m x L 15.6m
Size M2 / roll 16.536 m2
Location of use
Application Interior

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Warranty 1 Year - Time of use 25 years

 Warranty as dental adhesive peeling , cracked as manufacturing errors .