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SmartWood Outdoor

SmartWood Outdoor

Product Features:

Another quality product from Siam Cement Group, SCG SmartWood is the alternative to natural wood fiber cement without the problems of natural wood.

SCG SmartWood is non-asbestos fiber-cement substitute wood mà offers Varieties of product items Especially Fence Plank, Plank and Wood Plank Floor (for walls). SCG SmartWood has the additional touch of the natural wood finishing. It not only offers a termite-free beauty of real wood, it cũng Comes With superior features as real wood-strength, flexibility, and easy care.

High Quality Materials
Strong, Virtually Unbreakable, suitable for Indoors and Outdoors
Bendable for material with 12mm thickness less coal
Termite-proof, easy to Maintain
No shrinkage, warping nor bending
With High-pressure, steaming and Flex Technology Firm, SmartWood Will not shrink, warp, nor bend, meeting international standards density.

COLORS AND WOOD AS Beautify AS Patterns
Coming from the factory ready-made, the natural texture and color are just like real wood, with a wide variety of applications.
  Many thickness available, as desired. Cut, Hammer, Saw or just like real wood Easily.
The texture is like the real wood grain with a detailed with alternating dark and light shades.
The color lasts. No sloughing, Due to a special coating technology for Both the primer and the top color coated.
Choices are to as follows:

- SCG SmartWood Fascia Board
- SCG SmartWood Eaves Filler
- SmartWood Skirt SCG Board
- SCG SmartWood Ceiling Border
- SCG SmartWood Eaves Liner
- SCG SmartWood Shading Plank
- SCG SmartWood Fence Plank
- SCG SmartWood Floor Plank

+ fences cement SmartWood

+ SmartWood wall:


- Survey, floor measurement, cost estimates - quotes.
- Consult samples at home 24/7 (from 07h - 21h, Monday to Sunday)
- Provide samples to check product quality, only from C.O & C.Q

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SmartWood Outdoor

CONWOOD Siding 8
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146.000 ₫ / Thanh
CONWOOD Siding 9
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162.000 ₫ / Thanh
CONWOOD shading bar
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CONWOOD is a product of Siam Cement Group Thailand, specializing in manufacturing construction materials, decorative materials, and tiling Products with green certification, ingredients include: 75% cement stone powder, 23% cotton scare, 3% binder, no fear of aerosols. Using Flex technology and steaming Firm with high pressure to create CONWOOD with no shrinkage, firm for outdoor to meet international standards. CONWOOD cement wood creates a wood grain texture, pure gray, finishes the surface of CONWOOD imitation cement board with its special color-based factory paint. Bar and plate pr..
130.000 ₫ / Thanh