Nano panel  A063 6MM
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Nano panel A063 6MM


Product Code: A063-6

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Weight: 5.00kg

Dimensions (L x W x H): 2900mm x 400mm x 6mm

Nano panel  A063 6MM
Technical parameters
Composition PVC core + Wood grain
Warranty 1 Year
Length 2900mm
Width 400 mm
Country of Origin Vietnam
sizes (L x W x H) 2900mm x 400 mm x 6mm
Thickness 6 mm

Nano panel A063 6MM

Reasons for choosing 9mm thick stone-grained PVC panels:

1. Durability: 9mm thick stone-grain PVC cladding panels are highly durable, resistant to impact and strong impacts, helping to protect surfaces and walls from scratches and damage.

2. Diversity of designs: Stone grain PVC panels are available in many different designs and styles, helping you choose the style that suits your space design and decoration needs.

3. Easy to install: 9mm thick PVC stone panel can be cut and installed easily, saving time and effort during installation.

4. Waterproof ability: PVC is a waterproof material, making the 9mm thick stone-grained PVC panel effectively waterproof, suitable for use in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

5. Easy to clean: The surface of the 9mm thick stone-grained PVC panel is waterproof and easy to clean, just wipe with water and a mild detergent.

6. Affordable price: Compared to other materials such as bricks and natural stone, 9mm thick stone-grained PVC panels are more affordable, helping to save construction and decoration costs.

However, please note that choosing stone-textured PVC panels also needs to comply with the manufacturer's regulations and instructions to ensure effective use and safety.


9mm thick stone-textured PVC panels are suitable for many different interior spaces, including:

1. Bathroom: 9mm thick PVC stone-patterned panel is waterproof and easy to clean, a good choice for decorating wall and floor surfaces in the bathroom.

2. Kitchen: Waterproof and easy to clean, 9mm thick PVC stone-grain panels are the ideal choice for decorating wall surfaces and backsplashes in the kitchen.

3. Living room and bedroom: 9mm thick stone-grained PVC panels have many beautiful designs and designs, helping to create highlights and bring natural beauty to the living space.

4. Offices and stores: 9mm thick stone-grained PVC panels not only bring beauty but are also impact resistant, making them a suitable choice for decorating wall and floor surfaces in commercial spaces. .

In short, 9mm thick stone-grained PVC panels are waterproof, easy to clean and diverse in design, suitable for many interior spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, offices and shop.


Warranty conditions for PVC panels

1. Warranty period: Normally, PVC panels are warranted for a certain period of time: 1 year

2. Conditions of use: Warranty usually only applies in case of use for the intended purpose and according to the manufacturer's instructions. Using PVC panels incorrectly or in unsuitable environments may void the warranty.

3. Warranty limitations: There may be warranty limitations, for example no warranty in case the PVC panel is damaged due to user error, accident, natural disaster or other external event.

4. Warranty benefits: In case the PVC panel is defective during the warranty period, you have the right to request repair, replacement or refund depending on the warranty policy of the manufacturer or supplier.

To learn more about the specific warranty conditions for the PVC panels you are interested in, contact the supplier directly.

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