Khosango Specialized Oil
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Khosango Specialized Oil

Brand: AWOOD

Product Code: Dau Bao Duong

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Weight: 0.50g

Dimensions (L x W x H): 70mm x 70mm x 150mm

Khosango Specialized Oil
Technical parameters
Wood color Coffee
Height 25mm
Length 140mm
Flooring Decorative accessories
sizes 140mmx25mmx15mm
Thickness 15mm
Location of use
Outdoors decorate

Wood Maintenance Oil Warranty Terms

Welcome to our Wood Maintenance Oil product. To ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind during product use, here are the important warranty terms:

  1. Warranty Period: The Wood Maintenance Oil product is warranted for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Please keep or backup the purchase receipt to verify the warranty duration.

  2. Warranty Coverage: The warranty applies to the use of the Wood Maintenance Oil product according to the instructions and applications as described in the product documentation. The warranty covers the maintenance of wood floors, interior wood, and other applications that the product is designed to address.

  3. Not Covered by Warranty:

    • The Wood Maintenance Oil product has been used improperly or not in accordance with the instructions.
    • The product has been repaired or tampered with by unauthorized third parties.
    • Any damage or malfunction caused by improper use, accidents, or force majeure.
  4. Warranty Benefits: In case your Wood Maintenance Oil product encounters a malfunction within the warranty period, we commit to repairing or replacing the product free of charge. This benefit applies only when the product is used correctly and as directed.

  5. Contact for Warranty: To request warranty service or for further information, please contact our customer service at [email or phone number]. We will assist you throughout the warranty process.

We appreciate your choice of our Wood Maintenance Oil product and are committed to ensuring the quality and performance of the product. For more details on warranty terms or to ask questions related to the product, please contact us.


Khosango Specialized Oil

Khosango specialized oil - The Ultimate Solution for Wood and Interior Care

Introducing Khosango specialized oil, the premier product for the preservation and maintenance of wood flooring, outdoor wood, and a wide range of other applications. This exceptional product comes equipped with unique features and moisture-resistant properties, making it the go-to solution for addressing a variety of wood-related concerns.

Key Applications of Khosango specialized oil:

  1. Outdoor Wood Floor Maintenance: Prior to handover, apply the oil to safeguard plastic wood surfaces against mold and to facilitate easy cleaning. Additionally, this oil has the remarkable ability to rejuvenate aging plastic wood surfaces, restoring them to up to 95% of their original luster.

  2. Industrial and Natural Wood Floor Care: Khosango specialized oil effectively cleans, removing scratches and helps maintain wood floor surfaces during handover. It also revitalizes and enhances the appearance of older floors.

  3. Adhesive and SPC Interlocking Vinyl Floor Maintenance: This versatile product is designed to eliminate dirt, adhesive residue, and minor scratches from vinyl flooring surfaces.

  4. PVC, PS, and SPC Wall Panel Maintenance: Khosango specialized oil aids in cleaning, removing dirt, adhesive residue, and prevents mold growth on wall panels, except those with white surfaces.

  5. Interior Furniture Care: Ideal for cabinets, tables, chairs, beds, and MFC wooden furniture, this oil helps renew, clean, maintain, and provides protection against stains and mold.

  6. Termite Resistance for Natural and Industrial Wood Floors: The oil offers special anti-termite properties, ensuring that your wood floors remain termite-free. Use it before and after installation to secure the surface's long-term integrity.

Khosango specialized oil is a true lifesaver for craftsmen and wood enthusiasts, providing effective solutions for a wide range of wood-related concerns, from routine maintenance to long-term warranty protection.

Waiting Times Before Use:

  • For outdoor plastic wood: Wait 24 hours after application, and wipe the surface for even oil distribution.
  • For wood, panels, and wood floors: Wait 1 hour after application and wipe the surface clean.

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